Anyone tried this thyroid healing system????

Thyroidfixin6, anyone ever heard of it or tried it??? I am desperate for a solution and guidance and cannot afford the functional doctors prices here in the US. I can change what I eat and don't eat but the dizziness, numbness and fear is getting severe. No doctor here will help me, thyroid labs still normal. I really feel like I'm going to black out all the time. Has anyone tried this program??? It's costly but can be done with payment plan which is the only way I can do it. No functional doctor here will take payments and they want $260 for one phone call and lab evaluations and test evaluations and then $360 for a 6 months once a week phone call session to teach me how to get my body back in balance. It's the middle of the summer here and I cannot even walk outside without fear of passing out. I cannot live this way and hope it's not something else causing these symptoms. Gluten free diet is going to have to be incorporated but need guidance and reassurance that this isn't a scam and that I may have found something that will help me feel like I'm not going to die. Western medicine is and has failed me and im still symptomatic and scared out of my mind. I want my life back.

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6 Months + of ongoing LIVE direct coaching support with Jen Wittman, Certified Thyroid Specialist. Who has certified Jen Wittman and what has been certified? As far as I'm aware she isn't medically trained and advocates using nutritional and lifestyle changes to dampen autoimmune disease. I've no idea whether her programme works or not and I doubt UK members will be aware of her programme.

Mary Shoman (Thyroid patient advocate and author) also does one to one thyroid coaching. Perhaps you could check out what she offers before making a decision.

You can adopt 100% gluten-free diet simply by cutting out all gluten. Give it 3-6 months to see whether symptoms improve and have antibodies tested after 12 months to see whether they have reduced.

Having ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested means you can supplement to optimise levels if any are low/deficient. Numbness and dizziness can be symptoms of low B12.

Thank you for your advice clutter, my B12 however is in high range of normal, that's not causing this faintness. I've been told by two endos and a PCP that the thyroid antibodies are not causing these symptoms but they cannot tell me what else could be. I'm constantly uncomfortable and don't even have the energy not presence of mind anynore to walk into a large open space like the store and shop for these gluten free products. I am losing th ability to even have thI energy and mental awareness to help myself and I've never been that way before. I will attempt to go gluten free however am not even able to cook as I barely make it through my normal work days. I am only low in vitamin D as for this I am taking a supplement for. I am also taking Ashwaghanda; selenium; magnesium for palpitations and klonopin to remain as calm as possible when I feel like I'm going to pass out. I do not understand how so many doctors can ignore this. I like to be assured that this feeling that I'm going to die is a normal feeling when someone has Hoshimotos and normal labs still. Doctors here keep telling me that the growing nodule cannot be causing symptoms but then I read that they most certainly can. The lack of understanding and fear of dying is getting me questions from doctors if I think I'm depressed and am I always this anxious when no, I'm def not either one and am trying to find help. It's scary how long this has been going on and it's not letting up.

Also my folate is actually higher than normal

Testosterone is low but two endos and a PcP say that's not a problem, and FSH is high and they say that as well isn't the cause of my symptoms

You don't need to buy gluten free food, just stop buying bread, pasta and cereal. Don't eat anything man-made, just natural stuff. That pretty much avoids gluten and gives you a reasonable diet without much effort.

Funnygembunni, I was also symptomatic with euthyroid bloods and antibodies not as elevated as yours. Doctors told me symptoms were non-thyroidal because bloods were euthyroid and 'most people have some antibodies'. Symptoms resolved after thyroidectomy so, to my mind, they were either there despite previously euthyroid bloods, or Hashimoto's attacks and antibodies were causing the symptoms which stopped when the target thyroid was removed.

Most doctors don't know how to treat autoimmune Hashimoto's and wait until bloods are abnormal. I've seen some patients prescribed steroids to reduce autoimmune thyroid attacks and antibodies but I don't know whether it is successful.

Oh good, so I'm not crazy. They are starting to make me feel crazy. I will continue to try to go gluten free and find a doctor then that will at least consider the fact that these symptoms are most certainly from my high TPO and growing nodule. Here's my main question that nobody has answered yet, has anyone ever died from this before? I'm worried they will give me the run around too long and something bad could happen as a result

Exactly what thyroid tests are your doctors saying are normal the tests and the reference ranges

Because i heard the nonsense of normal way too many times in all the 6 years of trying to get my husband diagnosed here in the UK

The price of $2000 for the program seems very high when you are not certain of recovery. There is so much good information on YouTube. I've been posting John Bergman's videos and he has many on thyroid and adrenals.

Have you seen your blood test results? Maybe they aren't as normal as they say. It's possible to obtain hormone yourself if needed. You definitely need someting.

I do think you should listen to your body. It is telling you that something is wrong and that's why you have those feelings.

Could you try some adrenal support, perhaps licorice tea and Siberian Ginseng, magnesium and vitamin C.

We have started to see a lot of "deals" which cost 37 dollars - as do some individual components offered on that link. Strange that the same figure should crop up again and again.

So many of these sites use the same formula for promotion - a page that goes on forever. Repeated tiny claims - but the actual promise isn't very much. And numerous ways of convincing yourself that 2000 is far less than 7000 so it is wonderful value.

I say it is hype and promotion probably with very little substance. I doubt there is anything she can say that has never been said here.

I am currently adjusting my meds from 75 to 100 for levothyroxine. I am in my 5th week. I was lightheaded for about 6 weeks and was home mainly in bed. I swore I would never go to the store again because it was so disorienting. My head feels better and I even went to big stores two times this weekend. I think my head is still a little fuzzy from lack of sleep, but I don't feel like I'm going to fall over anymore. I know you're scared because it's so difficult to feel like you don't have control over your body when you are lightheaded. I am hoping that you will soon be well.

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