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Does anyone ever feel like themselves again once having Hashi's??

Is there anyone on site that feels normal again after being treated and hopefully optimized with hormone replacement? I am 5 years into Hashi's and feel like my symptoms have been like a roller coaster, along with my thryoid dosage. I am currently on NaturThroyd. I take 65 m 2 x day. Most of my symptoms are gone, but no matter what I do, I cant seem to lose a pound. I have gained 10 this past year regardless of being gluten free, eating only whole foods, eating small meals 5 times a day and doing regular exercise.. both weights and cardio. It feels like I cant get me metabolism to turn on. I also can have what I feel like to be ups and downs periodically. I am okay in morning, but can be very tired come 4pm. I still just done feel great! I wonder really if any pill can replace what your body does?? Not all of it anyway.. the endocrine system is so complicated. So.. does anyone here feel great???

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Sounds to me like you just aren't on a high enough dose. Is that 65 mcg? Even twice a day, it isn't very much. And, of course, if you're not taking enough of it, no pill in the world is going to help.

Be careful with that exercise! Exercise uses up your hormones and if you haven't got enough to begin with, it's just going to make you more and more hypo and definately won't help with the weight.

Do you have any blood test results to share with us so that we can see what's going on?

Hugs, Grey


GG-Thanks for your insight on this exercise thing. I'm not diagosed UAT but strongly suspect it.Some days I just can't exercise and it's getting worse. Can't lose midriff even when walking 20 miles in the hills a week! The more I look fit -the more the Drs disbelieve any illness - waiting for private [fT3,TPOab,,Cortisol 9am- spot reading] test results now.


Hi I do not know much about that replacement, I use armour aor Era with a little T3, ( very low TSH and Ft3. I would suggest, to make sure you have had a test for TSH, T4 and Free T3, with ranges, post if you like. Most people find they need the T4 top third of range ( all numbers vary, different Labs with ranges that is fine) I also, like some other peole need my FT3 near the top of range. i have been stable for years ( hashi). You also need the the other autoimmune hormonal tests too.At lease, Diabetes 2 , B12 + foliates, iron/ferritin, both need to be well up in range, and also vit D ( it is hormonal ),if that is low a corrected calcium test before treatment, must always be in range, if below D+ calcium , if too high in range, D drives it up. Re tests in 3 months.

If under an Endo, which you should be if not Ok, then ask the sec for results + ranges, other wise the receptionist ( GP) your blood. Also always ask what is being tested and have thyroid drugs after blood test, not before.

Best wishes,


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The link above says that the 65mcg Nature-throid is equivalent to one grain of Desiccated Thyroid. One grain is a very small amount, it definitely seems to suggest a possible need for an increase.

You say you are doing gluten-free, but are you also restricting your carbs? This can inhibit the action of the Thyroid treatment because you need carbohydrates to convert T4 to T3. It can even trigger the production of rT3 according to some sources.

As greygoose says, if you could share your latest blood results (include the ranges, too, if you have them) and it can give a better idea of what is happening.



I may have misread the original post, but I think she is taking 2 grains of NDT a day, which is still quite a small dose though :) xx


The trouble is once people do start to feel o.k. they then have no need for this site so there are very few on here that are still about when they are feeling much better.

Have you had all the normal things checked like your iron, B12, VitD and folates and if so are these all at an optimum level - in other words are they near the top of the ranges and not somewhere near the bottom. For your thyroid meds to work to its full potential all these things need to be more than just "in range" or "normal". If you have had the above checked and have any results you can post please do so and then people can advise.

I know exactly what you mean about the weight thing and the "just don't feel great" feeling and am often left wondering if this is my lot, but compared to how I was when I first found this site and learnt how to tweak my mediation and found out what vitamins this illness can deprive you body of I feel I have turned the corner. I know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to achieve wellness with this illness but if you are determined and willing to research what, when and if you body needs certain things then you will get there.

Moggie x


I can't say because i wasn't diagnosed until after a thyroidectomy despite many years of hypothyroidism - but there is a view in some circles that suggests that the immune disturbances caused by Hashis and the like make it difficult to get to a replacement regime that leaves the patient feeling truly well.

i.e. Some report a signifcant improvement in wellbeing after thyroidectomy - when eventually they get to the point where removal of the thyroid is required, and their system has had some time subsequently to settle down.

I don't know the details - but seem to recall mutterings about antibodies causing disturbances to the enzyme processes involved in conversion and use of hormone. If true this might point to T3 especially being an important ingredient in replacement regimes for those with auto immune thyroid issues.

Since the result of this is effective hypothyroidism (even though plenty of hormone may be circulating in the blood as was my case), it's reasonable to think that many of the usual deficiencies and other symptoms seen with hypothyroidism will over time arise. This certainly seems to have been the case in my situation.

The downside presuming this (that immune isses mess with use of thryoid hormone) is true may be that (since it can take many years for matters to proceed to the point where a thyroidectomy is commonly deemed to be justified) some may spend a long time in this less than ideal situation...



Sorry, I'm not great yet, but 80% better than in Feb. The only thing I have done is to take strong vit supps, for Vit D, Vit B12 and ferritin levels back up. The endo I saw said that ferritin is the equivalent to a spark plug in a car and gets the body going, including metabolism.

I never believed in taking Vits before, but am now a convinced convert!


That's a really good description of why ferritin levels need to be at an optimum level - since taking iron I certainly feel like my "spark plugs" are firing

Moggie x


Hi all,

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I take 65mg 2 x day. I was taking 3 grains, but was having hypo symptoms. Heart palps, shortness of breath, very tired- couldn't workout etc. my blood work at that time showed my free T's to be in mid range and TSH was .05. So I lowered the dose and then have gained 4 pounds but do have every back and most symptoms gone. Just keep gaining.

My reverse T3 was normal and we have checked my D's, iron, ferritin etc and all were good. Now, I am in menopause so I am sure that pits a kink into the equation, but from all I read if you keep moving, lift weights and eliminate processed food and watch calories menopause doesn't mean weight gain. All of the above I do. Ian trying to burn of fat while not losin muscle so am careful with my macro nutrients and overdoing intense cardio. I don't feel exhausted after my workouts , just worked! Good feeling! So it's unclear why my body is t responding. Prior to these hormone changes I was fit, lean and felt good.

Perhaps as said my other member, this is just the way I is. Trying to heal my body the best I can. I take selinium, omega fish oils, CoQ10, digestive enzymes and avoid anything processed! Not much else to do.

We got new blood work and should have results today. She runs everything.. We even did vitamin panel to see what my body is missing. Will post results. I do wish those that feel great would pop on, but I totally get it. If I felt great I would move on too! LOL


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