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in reply to Helvella from a post a last night. The above NHS website - nhs.uk - gives you the opportunity to register on the site, filling in personal details - don't forget to keep a note of your password and user name (not just your email address, because your personal page will use your user name, same as on here. No pics or emojis needed.

Once registered 'your' page, will then have several tabs I.e.

Local Services details of your nearest doctor, chemist etc / Your Interests / Personal Details / Your Pages / Account Details.

In other words you can make and keep your own medical records! On the Nhsuk website you can also, at a cost, find the Information from medical records the NHS already holds for you.

Elsewhere on the site it is also possible to research a deceased direct line relatives health record - parent, child.

This facility does not apply, to me in respect of my father, because he was born and died in Scotland, although most of his working life spent in England, so it only applies to England and Wales ? N Ireland records.

I'd be grateful if someone from Scotland could tell me if NHS Scotland has started a similiar scheme or if there is a specific SHS website worth looking at. Thanks in anticipation.

A 2nd website, useful for TUK specifically, not individual patients, may be crd.york.ac.uk Again it's necessary to register with them.

Happy hunting all!

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  • SAMBS,

    Both links invalid. Can you repost the links please.


  • ah, sorry Flower, I either don't know how to or can't add links on this iPad, that's why I typed the actual www addresses in the post itself. I just go to my search bar and type the addresses in, then save to iPad favourites once the site downloads. oops..........also hope they're not spoof ones - I don't get that impression though.

  • thanks much GG :-)

  • There's a dot after 'nhs', and a slash after 'uk' to take you to the main page. Don't know after that. lol


    will take you to the main page of NHSChoices.

    The right punctuation is even more important in a link!

  • Any offers on the second link gg ? ?

  • Edited by me - but gets to an IIS server - not sure what should happen.

  • sorry all, all I can say is I did get to the 2nd link originally via a web page before I found the original NHS one again.

  • Never mind SAMBS.

    The first link is very interesting & I shall register .

    Thank you for posting.


  • Is this just NHS England? I see at the bottom it says Other NHS Sites and NHS Wales is one of them (I am in Wales). If it's just England there's no point in me registering :( , I know normally we have to use NHS Wales and we don't have some things the same, eg we don't have online access to our records.

  • Found you again susieseaside, I couldn't get to this discussion yesterday.

    the U.K. NHS link as you say shows the other countries - so just click on the Wales one at bottom of the page and it should take you to them.

  • SAMS

    On the NHS site scroll down to the very bottom of the page and it has the NHS Scotland .I think that is what you need for Scotland

    Good luck Rose

  • thanks a million Rose54 , thats really cheered me up! x

  • Hi Rose

    today I finally got round to NHS Scotland, and have emailed them with some info about why I need access to my dads health records! thanks for help the other day. x

  • Hi SAMBS

    So glad it was of help hope you find all the information you need

    Take Care Ros

  • Just to let you know Rose54, my dads health records not kept. Securely destroyed 4 yrs later 2002. Can't say I'm totally surprised, a little disappointed! Perhaps records will start to be kept for lifetime and 5 yrs beyond with new NHS initiative.

    Thanks for help though, certainly got me to the people I needed to write to, and by email. Much information I had to provide though for security reasons so they could check that before I could move on with enquiries. S xx

  • Hi SAMBS

    So sorry to hear that you must be very disappointed you gave it your best shot

    Best wishes Rose

  • hi again all - dont forget to click on the accept cookies link At bottom of the page of whichever Country NHS you check out!

  • oooo...I forgot to click on the link on NHS Scotland today! b ut I have emailed them asking if I'll be able to access my Dads Health Records and mine there but don't know if they go back that far!

  • Ah! I joined that site years ago. But they have changed things quite a bit. Unfortunately, they are still changing things and half the pages say something like "Usually you can xxx but as we are changing things, so you can't".

  • Well, it wont accept my post code as I am in Wales, it says to enter a valid post code in England. When I click on the NHS Wales link at the bottom it takes me to NHS Direct Wales so it appears that we patients in Wales are not privvy to this service :( (unless I'm missing something??)

  • Sorry hadn't read this reply before I just put my last suggestion.

  • update on Scottish NHS health records. A) NHS Scotland responded very quickly to my email. I explained the circumstances and said it would be useful to be able to have a copy of Dad health records.

    B) They are still trying to get all Scottish paper health records conputerised, via Drs Surgeries, Hospitals and Labs I guess, but haven't finished yet.There are only records that go back 4 yrs.I was however given phone numbers and advice on how to proceed with my enquiries. the email I received back was from their legal office.

    I found everyone I spoke to extremely helpful and sympathetic.

    but if you have left Scotland only more recently and want info on your own health, I think I said before that on the main website they want your name and last address for registering yourself. it may be that some info will be on there going back further.

    I only know, it's complicated, which is why I started by emailing the top SNHS bods.

    I must do similar for my own English records, but not optimistic. so get cracking, if you have changed doctors and areas lived, overs the years and think you may need info you haven't got - same applies for deceased immediate family. I had a lot of brain fade yesterday after Internet, emailing and telephone calls! good job they are free from here for me!

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