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Save our NHS - email your MP

Apparently there is a Debate in Parliament this Friday regarding the NHS.

This link is self-exlanatory and if you feel you would like your MP to know your views, please email him/her on the second link. All you need do is put in your Post Code and your MPs name will come up with a readily printed note. You sign and put in your details.

2 Extracts - first from The Guardian:

1. Royal College of Nursing, a persistent critic of Lansley’s “unnecessary and chaotic reorganisation”, has welcomed the bill as an opportunity to undo the damage. Lord Owen, the ex-Labour health secretary who tried to pilot two similar bills through last year, praises its “imaginative and constructive proposals”. The British Medical Association is broadly supportive, though worried that an over-powerful health secretary could introduce even more political interference in the NHS.

2.It would also exempt the NHS from the EU-US trade treaty, currently being negotiated in secret, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which could open up NHS services to competition permanently, including from US healthcare firms.

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Thank You for posting this Shaws, I think it is very important to speak out against this continuing privatisation of the NHS. I was notified of this petition by 38 Degrees and have signed it and emailed my MP. I have read a bit about TTIP and find the whole thing quite frightening, especially the secrecy. We won't know what has been agreed until after it has been signed.


Yes, I think the secrecy is quite scary as we are never notified until after a big decision is made and it has become a law.


Thanks, Shaws. I thought I'd already emailed my MP but it was on the Recall of MPs Bill, so thanks for prompting me to check.


Thank you for this post Shaws, it is a very important issue.

Do have a look at the following links. They really are in the forefront of it all.

Both links are real "eyeopeners"


Thanks I will read them.


Done it


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