alternative to Isocort?

Has anyone found a good alternative to Isocort? It seems "old" Isocort (cortex) was generally considered the best supplement for adrenal fatigue. There are literally hundreds of supplements available, many containing both cortex and whole adrenal (adrenalin?), but I wanted to know if anyone is as good as Isocort (supposedly) was? Also, is it crucial to avoid adrenalin, and take supplements containing adrenal cortex only?

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  • I don't know how they compare but I've always used the Nutri pills Nutri Adrenal Extra and Nutri Adrenal as these were recommended to me by Dr Peatfield.

  • OK, thanks! Are you happy with them?

  • I found that Nutri Adrenal made me feel dreadful and had to stop taking them. Not everyone gets on with them as there's been plenty of threads on here about it.

    Switched to Isocort and had no side effects. It's a shame that it's no longer available.

    It's important that any vitamin and mineral deficiencies are addressed so worthwhile getting tested.

  • I think it's personal , NAX was recommended to me but I got really anxious and it became obvious whilst I needed the support I couldn't tolerate extra adrenaline. I'm now on Thorne cortex only and whilst my adrenals aren't fixed yet I'm a lot calmer and sleeping better.

    I think its a case a bit like thyroid meds you have to find the one that suits you !

  • I find Adrenergize good, but a friend who did really well on Isocort hasn't found anything that works anywhere near as well and has tried pretty much everything.

  • The site Pureprescription recommends SR Adrenal by Iagen as an alternative to discontinued Isocort. Has anyone tried it?

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