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Ever since I was diagnosed as hypo, I have had problems with my R eye. I was diagnosed with dry eyes and use moisturising drops. I have a lazy L eye which does not seem to be affected as much. I often have ghosting under letters when reading or viewing the TV credits. I had my eyes tested last year and prescription changed but when my eyes are tired it still happens. I have been having pain and soreness for the last couple of months but on Saturday it was a lot worse.

On Sunday morning the white of my eye on one side is bright red, I think it is episcleritis. Is this related to being hypo and undertreated? I have decided to try self medicating with T3 as I have not found anyone that will prescribe it for me. The last two years have been rough as I have a raised calcium which was thought to be hyperparathyroidism but now they say is FHH , a rare genetic cause and no treatment needed. It seems to have a pattern of when it comes to November all my symptoms seem to get worse. Does anyone else have inflamed eyes?.

Thankyou, Lucy

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  • Are you, off chance here, getting enough vitamin A? (not beta carotene because some people don't covert well.)

  • Hi Lucy,

    I sympathise as I get similar symptoms. For me it's usually a sign that I'm under medicated.

    Your eyes main focus is actually through the cornea -when your eyes are dry then this will cause blurring and also irritation. The red right eye is because your right eye is the dominant eye and is straining to accommodate the demands being placed visually on it. The left eye as you say is lazy so takes a back seat!!

    Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? If so can you post on here with ranges.

    The other option if your eye doesn't settle with eye drops would be to go back to the optician. You may need your prescription altered.

  • Hi Lucy

    unfortunately I have the same problem. It was years until I realised it is connected to the under active thyroid condition/medication. It was during an eye test and the optician told me how sore my eyes were and he then wrote to my GP saying I needed medication to help. I had previously mentioned it to the GP but nothing was offered or explained. All I was prescribed was an artificial tears gel which makes your vision blurred. It only gave me momentary relief but longstanding blurred vision. Okay at night only. So now I buy myself eyedrops from the chemist. The optician suggested ones without preservative as they are better for your eyes. I use Hypromellose without preservative (around £6) and sometimes Hyabak, but that costs around £13. I still have double vision when tired, the drops do help, but like you I suffer quite a bit with it. I am taking as much T4 as I can- 100mcg without getting palpitations, but still after 20+ years have most of the symptoms. I think I need a combination of T4 and T3 but my GP won't hear of it... I do take B12 and Vit D and zinc and selenium.

    Hope the eye drops help. On my next visit I am going to push to have the ones I buy put onto my prescription.

    Dee 😀

  • Thank you for all your replies, It is feeling a little less sore this morning but still very red. No appts left at GP today, ( you ring at 8.30 and pray you can get through) I too have had the gel one dose tubes in the past but as you say I cannot see until it clears away. I will try and find Hyabac. I am waiting for an endo appt, last seen in April for the high calcium stuff.

    I asked him for T3 but he said concerns over A fib,but did increase my T4 slightly to 100mcg daily. I had a sestamibi scan of parathyroids in June which showed an "incidental discrepancy" just below my thyroid, so was sent for a thyroid scan in Aug.

    I had a letter with the results saying what they saw was a normal variant and not ectopic thyroid tissue and he will see me in clinic. I have no appt and rang his secretary back in September who said I am on the overdue review list and no idea when I will be next seen.

    I have tried ever since I was put on thyroxine to eat well, exercise etc but the weight still creeps up. I have many symptoms of parathyroid illness, which all seem to overlap with being hypo so teasing out which is which is difficult!

    These are my last results concerning thyroid and the first time I have had a FT3 done as well! My GP never orders it. They are from April 15

    TSH 1.1 range (0.35 - 4.94)

    FT4 13.7 range (9 - 19.1)

    FT3 4.28 range (3.6 - 6.5 )

    I feel I am constantly tired and every day is a struggle, and decided that I am going to try T3 myself. I am cautious by nature so will take it very slowly as I doubt my GP will be very happy if I tell him. Like everyone here, I would just like to feel a bit more human if possible! Mornings are not too bad but by the afternoon I am wilting. If I have a busy day then I pay for it the next couple of days. I am actually starting to sleep a lot better than I have for years, meno for me was prolonged and difficult! I am now 60, my Hb is actually good but my ferritin is still low at 22. I have been taking Floradix for years. Also take Vitamin D as it was very low, on 1000iu a day. I cannot take high doses as it sends my calcium even higher.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated.


  • Around the UK a number of hospitals have specialist eye units - e.g. Oxford JRH, Croydon, Moorfields. These often operate 7-day walk-in emergency clinics.

    If you are able to get to one of these, it could be the best thing to do. GPs simply don't have the standard equipment for properly looking at eyes. You might not get a full investigation, but they should be able to help identify what is going on or make another appointment to do so.

  • Deepest darkest Lincolnshire........


  • Lincoln? Nottingham?

  • Yes Lincoln would be nearest, will go if it doesn't settle to A&E. Am doing compresses and drops, feels a bit easier today.

    Thanks for your help


  • Yes, Lucycatnaps, I have just the same eye trouble (also a lazy left) which is much improved with Hyabak drops. To have these on my free prescription I had to remind the surgery that the eye problem is linked with being hypothyroid. We are lucky in that others rarely have Hyabak on prescription - nice to know where we win out isn't it?

    I am similar in age and history too and about to ask my GP for T3 but expecting a no so like you, also very cautiously, I will probably explore on my own.

    Best of luck

  • This article from the RNIB about thyroid eye disease also covers the autoimmune attack against the tear ducts and soft tissues:


    I'm on about the maximum dose of Levothyroxine I should have and my TPO antibodies have halved, yet my eyes have been through a bad spell from July until recently. I first complained about dry eyes and mouth in 2008 and was finally tested (negative) for Sjoegren's Syndrome a couple of months ago.

    I'll try and wangle some of the drops others have mentioned.

  • Had similar 3 months ago. GP called it a conjunctival haemorage and said it looked worse than it was and not to worry!! I am going to be prescribed warfarin this week..... and , yes I am worried.....I would get it checked out at the hospital in the eye dept where they know what they're doing (hopefully)

    hope you find some answers......dogtired

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