Hashimoto's and eye problems

I'm 46 and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year. My vision seems to be getting worse. I was suffering from migraines/headaches ongoing (mainly behind the right eye). Over the past two weeks I changed my diet to the autoimmune paelo diet and also started juicing. It seems to be helping my headache problem. However, I have a strange sensation behind my right eye and eyes in general. I feel my vision isn't right and it feels strange even moving my eyes around. I don't get a bad pain but it is sore. I feel that my eyes are coated at times with a thin film. Am I imagining this!? Should I ignore it? I don't want to go to the doctor with something new. I'm sure she's tired of seeing me in her office! :-(

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  • Although the most well-known form of thyroid eye problem is due to Graves' and can be quite serious, it is also common for people with hypothyroidism to have problems especially with dry eyes, and the best solution is to use eye drops to replace the oily film which normally protects the eye.

    It should be possible to get a prescription from your GP, but also see your optician and they can recommend the best for you. If they are concerned they may refer you to a specialist.

  • And many people find they cannot tolerate those which contain preservative. Even if initially OK, after some time people all too frequently develop intolerance.

    Also, at night, try LacriLube.


  • I had my eyes tested because I had blurred vision then I got sent to the hospital to have further investigation they found out I had tunnel Vision plus Retnar pigmantoes plus I all ready had nystugmos any way also got diabetes plus much more its called atouemmins diesaes

  • Thanks for responding everyone. My eyes don't feel dry. They just feel uncomfortable and my vision seems to be getting worse. Not much... I don't have double vision etc. Maybe I should first get my eyes checked again. I had them checked a year ago. If there's a significant difference then I suppose I should be worried... if not... then maybe this will pass. Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Kym, I too suffer from eye problems. same as you ,I feel I have a film over my eyes and my vision is getting worse.I have hashimotos. I visit the optician regularly as there is gloucoma in the family. I am borderline gloucoma myself, but optician says I'm suffering with dry eyes and weird vision with the film thing because of my thyroid problems. My prescription does not need changing. I'm always havng to rub my eyes, and the later in the day it is the worse it gets! A right pain!

  • Sounds exactly what my eyes are like. Told my doctor yesterday, he shone his torch in my eyes and said no there fine!! I constantly blink to try and clear a film in front of them. By about this time I become light sensitive too. Hate it

  • Hi Jane, hmmm yes that sounds exactly like my problem. So there's nothing that can be done about it? :-(

  • Well, I've not heard of any solution apart from eyedrops, without any additives in them as Marram suggests. x

  • Do you know if it's something that gets worse? If it doesn't lead to anything more serious and doesn't get worse I think I'll feel a bit better about it. I'll get some eye drops and see if that helps. Thanks! x

  • I have the same thing mainly in my right eye. As if a film is over the eye causing my vision to be blurred. I even returned to where I had my laser treatment as I thought the treatment had failed, but was told it is a general problem with hypothyroidism. I haven't found any eyedrops yet, that have helped me, but I seem to be better after a night's sleep.

  • I have the same problem with my eyes and the optician said it was because I was taking thyroid medication which dried out the natural lubrication and that I also had blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). I now use Viscotears Single Dose Units 2.0 mg/g eye gel for the former which has no preservative and hot compresses and Supranettes (sterile eye cleanser wipes) for the latter. Things are gradually improving.

  • Get checked out for other autoimmune disorders! If you have one you are more likely to aquire another.

  • Try a neurologist and an opthomologist they are the best option.

  • I've suffered from increasingly worrying eye symptoms for years and had become so bad I was often seeing double, my eyes were struggling to re-focus when my field of vision changed (which let's face it, is very frequent when you're shopping or on a car journey etc) which in turn made my head feel quite peculiar sometimes, almost dizzy but it wasn't dizzy......if you know what I mean, hard to describe .

    The symptoms started many years ago, first symptom was very dry, gritty eyes but I was too young and healthy looking for GP's to take me seriously....... over the course of 15 or so years they continued to degenerate until it felt like I often had a film over my eyes.

    I had reached a point where I was very worried I was going to be blind by the time I hit 55 (50 now), but thankfully and recently came across an article about pernicious anaemia.

    I had suspected thyroid problems for a long time but blood tests were normal etc etc etc except for early on when my doctor said... "your blood cells are on the large size but I don't know what that means", despite having complained for a long time for every single symptom associated with PA (still makes me very upset!) .... anyway, long story shorter ...... vision and general eye-health improved almost overnight after injecting myself with Vitamin B12 (hydroxo cobalamin) ..... and I have been having regular injections ever since. My eyes still get a little sore but the improvement has been nothing short of miraculous for me personally!

    I'm starting to sound like a broken record I expect, with my posts about B12, but it really has relieved so many symptoms. Just for the record, I started B12 injections prior to starting NDT so I know it was the B12 that helped with my eye symptoms.

  • Uh, just noticed it's an old post but shall leave my reply as you might not have resolved your eye problems yet and it might also be useful to someone else. :)

  • That's really interesting. I'm dealing with really achey eyes at the moment. And changing field of vision. I'm a hashimotos diagnosed 2 yrs ago (41 now) and worried my 50mg Levo dose might be wrong as this eye thing just came up

    How do you test for PA? I've been told big blood cells too.

    Realise this was a while ago but in case you're still reading b

    Thanks so much. Lizzie

  • Thanks Emjaytee.

    Funny enough I bought some B12 and started using it (spray). My bloodwork doesn't show my B12 as being out of range but it is on the low side. You know what doctors are like, even if you're having symptoms, if the labs don't say you're out of range you get no support.

    My eyes haven't been bothering me too much but I did feel that I went from seeing well to having to have reading glasses really quickly. I am 48 so maybe that's just normal.

    I still get dizzy all the time. Vertigo when I move my head from side to side or lie down on my back etc. No one knows why and no one really seems to care so I'm just living with it. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

    Glad to hear you've resolved your problem with the injections!


    ... I just read my post from two years ago... I suppose my eyes aren't as bad as they were then... nor are my migraines but I wonder if it's because I started using the B12 spray??

  • For some lucky reason I was going to my opthamologist to get a new prescription for my glasses and he needed to do a full eye examination. He had noticed that there was some irregularity with my eyes and I told him I didn't know if it meant anything but I had just been diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disease. He stopped everything. and I mean everything to explain to me what kind of damage can be done if a particular surgery is not performed to release pressure from the eyes.

    I would go to your optomologist and get the tests. Just make sure your Dr. has knowledge on Hashimoto's and autoimmune disease. I had laser surgery on both eyes to create a small pinpoint that would relieve the pressure of water build up just in case, so I won't have any trouble with blindness if something goes wrong. Great preventative measure.

  • Please get them checked again. Do not rub your eyes. Even though they don't feel dry it's what it's called. Dry eyes water continually. Contradiction I know but it's true. I am hashimotoes with thyroid eye so I know how bad it can get. you need to get it sorted asap. If you need more info get in touch with T.E.D at Moorefields eye hospital Bristol. Fantastic and informative charity.

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