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Under Active Thyroid - Eye problems

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Has anyone experienced their eyesight getting worse?

I have got sore, achey eyes. I work on PC most of the day, by four- five pm they become light sensitive.

I have alway worn glasses when using PC, but may just be my imagination or conicdence that they seem to be getting worse since Thyroid detected.

Had an eye test last weekend and they have changed. Hopefully new glasses will help..

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Since I went hypothyroid besides all the other problems that I now have I have days where I get blurry vision. Had my eyes tested but no change in my prescription. Endo doctor said it wouldn't be the thyroid problem causing it. I have since found out that this can happen. Unfortunately I don't believe anything they tell me anymore .

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ClareP81 in reply to Weeble1

I know that feeling Weeble1. Everyone ive seen is dismissive of any of my symptoms. just feel like a hot potatoe that know one wants to hold :-)

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Treepie in reply to ClareP81

Dr Skinner noted various eye problems in hypothyroid patients including illusions - which I had. But he was driven to an early death by disciplinary committees.

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neveyboo in reply to Weeble1

I feel the same way I broke down with all the symptoms when I had been to nurse for bloods I was so depressed outcome off doc was we will start you on low been back to docs as the symptoms getting worse all got was you will be having a checkup in a couple of months meanwhile I just keep on suffering in silence

Gritty eyes were one of the first problems I had. They worsened with a change to Atorvastatin, and have much improved since ceasing the statin.


My eyesight was deteriorating while I was off thyroxine (my previous doctor had decided I was cured and stopped prescribing it) which culminated in very gritty, dry eyes and double vision. After changing to new GP who actually listened to me (what a shock that was!) he suggested the optician should have a look first. The optician (Specsavers) sent me back to GP with a letter stating double vision was due to underactive thyroid not being medicated as it's a common symptom. I was prescribed thyroxine again and within two days the double vision started to go, within a week it was gone, with occasional relapses in the morning or evening when I'm tired. My general eyesight has also improved to such a point I often don't need my reading glasses. During the period my eyes felt strange, too. The best description I can give is there was a little man in my head with a bicycle pump blowing air into them so I thought they were going to explode. This feeling has also gone since being back on the thyroxine. I've been sensitive to light all my life.

Hi Clare,

Some mornings my sight is very jumpy, & it's hard to focus. This started in my mid-40's, before I was first prescribed specs.

Most people's eyesight deteriorates with age, though mine has always been sensitive to light. I tend to wear sunglasses, or tinted glasses when using my computer, as it can trigger migraines, even when the brightness is dimmed. My son tells me it's important to look away from the screen regularly, though I tend to forget till it's too late.


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ClareP81 in reply to BadHare

Lol yes I know that feeling xx

I have had several end with my eyes. My prescription has increased quite a lot over the time I've been ill. But also I went around the system after an optician noticed my optic nerve was swollen. Eventually the conclusion was that that's just my normal shape.

I was very irritated by all the dilating drops they put in my eyes at the eye hospital over about 3 day-long visits. This was over the Summer, and I feel they haven't fully recovered. They are very sensitive, so that if I rub my eye or try to scrape away sleep dust they will water uncontrollably, with associated discomfort. This has improved since I changed to NDT. Used to happen every day, but now is maybe once a week. I don't usually wear makeup, but tried it once and after an hour or two it was unbearably uncomfortable.

I also get dry gritty eyes. And I find it uncomfortable to wear my glasses, they make my eyes feel tired and irritated. So I keep them off unless I really need to see.

Yes I have have noticed my eyes have become very itchy I to wear glasses just lately felt like my eyesight has been getting a little worse going through a bad time with thyroid at the moment

Yes my eyes are light sensitive always were but are worse now my prescription is the same eyesight good some days they are blurry and itch drive me mad but have some good eyedrops that really work,

Well week two of wearing my new glasses for reading and computer work. Also separate pair for driving and distance. Which is a new thing to me. Not needed before. Have noticed some improvement. Eyes still get sore late in evening, but not as bad. Also feels like I'm looking through dirty glasses. When not wearing them, having to blink to correct my focus. But not light sensitive anymore. So optician may have been right may have been migraine???

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