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Choking feeling

A little advise please. I have a horrible feeling of a lump at the base of my throat like I'm choking. Asked GP who did quick feel and says can't feel anything untoward. I started upping Levo on 7th August from 75 to 100 and then on 18th Sept to 125 with more tests due 6th November. Has anyone else felt this when trying to get levels right or should I insist on it being investigated. Had partial thyrodectomy in 2000 and doc advised hypo in Aug this year with tosh of 7.8. I am so stressed at the moment with no particular reason to be 😒

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My throat started swelling (felt like it was closing up) and doctor said it might be goitre, and he said you must get this looked at. I'm not sure of the ins and outs but it's thyroid related and might be worth asking to see an endocrinologist. Luckily mine went away so didn't need to see anyone


Thanks for reply such a lousy feeling not sure if brought on by increasing levothyroxine as only started then. Will request referral as lucky enough to have private medical.


Hi, just wanted to say I have the same choking feeling as you, I have had it for years. My thyroid was overactive and after being treated is now underactive. Mine is mainly a sensation but is often worsened by food intolerances, the last few years I have become intolerant to many foods which I hear is common with auto immune disorders.

3 years ago it was bothering me so much I insisted on scans and had an endoscopy of my oesophagus. Nothing serious was found.

It niggles me most days even if I have been super careful with what I have eaten. It is like a lump in my throat and something is slightly pressing on my windpipe even though I'm breathing normally. I think it is just another one or these things I have learned to live with after being diagnosed with thyroid problems.

Please try and get yours investigated further, it might be something or nothing but if it's bothering you it's worth investigating.

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sorry to read that Dpa, it could possibly be (or not) connected with having oesophageal varicies, which I've been told I have after an endoscopy last year. I thought I would choke to death one night last year when I couldn't draw a breath, the lump in my throat all connected to feeling like I couldn't breath? It makes me feel like I want to cough it out!

What I do find helps, is drinking/sipping slowly, cold water, perhaps it reduces the swelling. I don't know, I'm not a medic, but can relate to how you feel about it.

I have Hashimoto's - diagnosed autoimmune hypo Thyroiditis earlier this year. I have no idea if yours is relative to amount of Thyroxine you take. My varicies are linked to undiagnosed Cirrhosis, despite full LFT's ruling out the usual suspects. There is a link for me though, between my varicies, liver, thyroid, and autoimmunity.


Thank you so much for the replies, I will investigate further and post after I have seen a GP. Certainly helps to know it's not just me experiencing these symptoms.


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