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Another good post about EVCLO

This gives a bit more detail about the ingredients, but it is all natural, not heated and added back in.

I have just bought a 150ml bottle from this is from Rosita themselves in Norway, I paid £25 for the oil, and £6.95 for the shipping, cheapest that I have found, and from the guys themselves.

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I use the standard CLO, though the CEO says he prefers the Ratfish one.

A very good source & only 1/2 tsp is a maintenance dose- so it works out cheaper.

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yes I may well start with half a tsp daily, and step it up. When they hest the ordinary cod liver oil, most of the vit A and D3 is destroyed, and they add back the supplement version, which is not really bioavailable. So getting the Vclo is well worth it.


The synthetic Vit D used in other brands is particularly bad, causing loss of Magnesium, amongst other things. The Ato D ratio is also better in Rositas.


is that the same situation with Healthspan St Clements cod liver oil, which I thought was a good one.


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