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Has anyone used sizzling minerals by simply natural? Good, bad or just another mLm scheme?


I have a sister selling and taking simply natural minerals and she has thyroid issues. She is trying to sell them hard, however I have done my due diligence and use minerals recommended on here and use transdermal magnesium oil. I had them tested before supplementing. Just wondering if anyone has heard of or uses this brand. Yes it’s an MLM company. @SeasideSusie @greygoose and @shaws what’s your opinion? It’s supposedly out of the UK.

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Oh no! Not MLM - it is referral marketing. Please keep up at the back. :-)

There is information available on some well-known websites about the company.

okaykay in reply to helvella

Thank you! I refuse to take them. Hopefully it’s a phase for her.

What does MLM stand for?

Think it means multi-level marketing (aka pyramid scheme).

I'm always skeptical about anything sold through pyramid selling. At best it's probably over-priced (to pay the pyramid)... But at worst, it's a bit of a scam.

Aha! A bit like the aloe Vera disciples I met once - all evangelic about their product and all extremely excited about the imminent arrival of their Mr Big - who started from nothing (!) in his Porsche. I felt like I was witnessing a second coming.

They were all convinced they would all be super rich in the very near future they didn’t realise that for every Mr Big there has to be a huge chain of minions propping him up.

If it’s that sort of a thing I’d avoid it like the plague.

Yes, unfortunately I know a few people still getting drawn in to these...

HKHK in reply to helvella

Hi there

you mention above there is some helpful info on some websites, can you tell me what websites you have found info on as I am contemplating trying them...

okaykay in reply to HKHK

HKHK I did not ever fall for my dear sisters pure pressure. I did not want to have a bad reaction (increased heart rate) I did have a friend try them he drank one glass of water with one tablet at about 3:00pm, and was up all night and really jittery. So glad I didn’t try it. My sister thinks it’s helping her, but her thyroid labs are absolutely awful. She takes levo and has a free T4 barely on the low normal scale. Her free t3 is very low too.. I have told her to join this group, but she is dragging her feet. She has herself diagnosed with something new every day. I keep tell her she is under medicated. She just won’t listen. Yes she is the older sister. LOL

helvellaAdministrator in reply to HKHK

Sorry but all I did was use a search engine - might have included the word "review".

I see okaykay has also replied here. :-)


Avoid like the plague is my opinion.

Well, they seem to be very shy about telling you what's in it! The list of ingredients is very vague. So, I'm assuming it's the cheapest ingredients. And I can't find a price, so I'm assuming it's expensive. So, I don't think I'd take it! I really can't see what 'sizzling' about it. Looks pretty flat, to me. :(

Cooper27 in reply to greygoose

Found it on Amazon, £32 for 30 tablets (it's effervescent, so I presume that's where sizzling comes from). 2 tablets per day...

Ingredients: minerals

Exact levels of nutrients are too impossible to say exactly, as they are from natural sources, and mineral content of natural plants varies.

Just a few alarm bells I'd say...

greygoose in reply to Cooper27

And expensive!

I'll make not bones about it, but I support these minerals (I recommend my clients their powder version. I've pulled this product apart as best I can and the first thing I'll say is that I've seen the photos of the mine where the owner of the company extracts these minerals (we don't see that often) and I get it; minerals pre-digested by plants not some 'junk' fabricated in a laboratory by boffins - reminds me about the bombshell one of them dropped about the highly educated health hypocrites who live in the toxic, polluted atmosphere for large cities like London ARRRRRGH ! anyway, the mlm thing I just don't like, not for me sorry, but when you hear the logic again, I get it - who knows about these plant based minerals from ancient plant deposits? put them on the shelf at that price people will just walk on by..... forget the fluff surrounding this product, look at the facts and like me, eventually you'll be amazed - my clients results tell me all I need to know :-)

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