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Help interpret lab results please

Hi! I've had my plasma blood levels back and wondered if someone could please help interpret them and tell me if I need to supplement.

Zinc - 12.5 umol - reference ( 11.5 - 20)

Copper - 12.7 umol - reference ( 12.5 - 25)

Manganese - 11.7 nmol - reference ( 9.0 - 40)

Iodine - 0.82 umol ( 103 ug )

Could any of these be contributing to hairloss?? Please help me x

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Hair loss is horrible symptom, so sorry you are experiencing that. Your iodine result looks odd as shown in too different units & I am not sure which is bigger one. Your zinc is a little low, I chose to supplement with a similar result. I too suffered with hair loss, but since starting Nutri thyroid & supplementing iron & B12 it has stopped.


Hello! Thankyou for your reply! It is devastating to have and completely taking over my life!

The iodine are he same measurements just in different units so it's 103ug.

Do you think the zinc is not low enough to be causing hairloss?

My t4 was 13.3 on reference 12 -22 and t3 was 4.3 in reference 3.1- 6.8.

Do you think supplementing 50mg of zinc with 2mg of copper will be ok? X



I am nervous about supplementing copper as it can cause inflammation in some people. I would start with 15mg of zinc x 3 per day. I used to get a really sore tongue with low zinc. You need to be mindful with zinc as it can affect cortisol levels.

I'm only a patient & always learning, but that I'd suggest the hair falling out is due to something else.

Both your T4 & T3 look a bit low so your thyroid isn't optimal so it could be that or iron ferritin level or B12. I'd get B12 tested optimal at 800 & work on your thyroid.

I am sure one of experienced admins will be on soon.


The only reason for taking copper along side zinc is because my copper is lowest of low! My ferritin is 47 so I supplemented with iron and after 7 weeks my hair fell out more which made me think it's imbalanced my zinc and copper - which recent blood has shown I am low. My last b12 was 499? Do you think this is low?? Thankyou again!


Your vitamin B12 level is optimal. And your iodine levels seems fine to me (it's in the normal range -> between 100-200 is considered average). Honestly I think your zinc level is in the normal range and isn't an explanation for your hair loss. Perhaps you should discuss this matter with your GP.


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