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Help please??? Hairloss!!

Hi I would love it if someone could interpret my results and tell me if I should be concerned, ive been losing hair for 2 years and it's getting very bad now.

My tsh measures 2 years ago was 2.4 then it went to 1.1 a year ago then up to 2.1 6 weeks ago and now it's 1.75 why is it fluctuating like this?

My t4 is 13 from reference 12-23

And my t3 is 4.3 in reference 3.5- 6.8

Please anyone help me?? My doctos thinks this is normal x

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You are not on sufficient levothyroxine for your needs. Hairloss is also is common in hypothyroidism.

You have practically no T4 (levothyroxine) in your bloodstream. It has to convert to T3 which is the active hormone required in all of our receptor cells (we have billions) and the brain contains the most.

Your doctor must increase your levothyroxine to bring your T4 and T3 up.

What you have found out is that doctors seem to be the ones with the least knowledge of how to treat hypothyroidism. Mistakenly believe that as long as the patients' hormones are 'in range' that's their job done. We need a TSH of around 1 or below and some of us need a suppressed TSH but, again, they believe we'll get heart attacks etc on too much. That's nonsense as well because we might well get heart problems if underdosed/undiagnosed. If we take too much the side effects aren't good and we'd reduce levo ourselves.

Ask your GP to give you a new blood test, make the appointment as early as possible, and fast (you can drink water). Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the blood test. (put levo somewhere the day before in case you're on automatic pilot and take it before your blood test). Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested.

If your test is recent, email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft. Highlight question 6 and discuss with your doctor. Some disregard but if you have clinical symptoms tell your doctor to alleviate them he must increase not to give you some other medication for the 'symptom'.

You must feel awful with those results.

Hopefully your hair will begin to recover when you are on a decent dose of hormones. I despair sometimes about the knowledge of our doctors regarding the treatment of thyroid gland dysfunctions. Is he aware he can cause far more damage to you by insufficient prescribing.

TSH varies throughout the 24 hours that's why you should follow the advice above as we've found that it helps to keep the TSH high if the doctor adjusts levo according to the blood test.


Thankyou for your response. However I am not on any kind of medication yet. I

Am suspecting my thyroid is he cause of my hairloss but my doctor said my results are in range and I will not treat. Do you think I need to be in medication for my low t4 and could this be the casue of hairloss?? I'm

So scared and don't know what to do anymore. Know one will listen to me!


Tell your doctor you don't want to self-medicate but the way your life is going you might have to!


Were all those tests done at the same time of day? Because TSH varies throughout the day and is highest early morning. So best to get your tests done between 8 and 9.

If they were all done at the same time early morning, then you should be looking to see if you have anitbodies - TPOab and TgAB. They will cause the TSH to swing.


They were all taken in the morning apart from my last one which was at 11 am


Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss the following with him. Tell him you've taken advice from NHS Choices and these are a couple of excerpts. Tell him you realise your TSH is in the 'normal' range but is at the bottom of the range and that clinical symptoms haven't been taken into account. Your body cannot function properly without sufficientT4 and therefore cannot produce T3 the active hormone and the body cannot function without it. Say you need a Free T3 blood test. I think that's why the lab did your T3 (not the same as Free T3) because your T4 was so low.

First take your Basal Temp for several days before your appointment. This is how you do it and make a record of your temp (plus your pulse - just time it for 1 minute).

These may be helpful for you as we have to take things into our own hands. If he doesn't agree to help you ask for a referral to an Endocrinologist. Before that post a new question asking if anyone knows of a decent Endo in your area and to send info by Private Message to you.

Do the following for several days. Low temp and pulse is a clinical symptom (although they may not know that). Also our heart can begin to play up if the thyroid hormones are too low.( confusing I know). Tick off your clinical symptoms.

Any blood test for your thyroid hormones must be done at the earliest and fast. Eating can make the TSH lower whereas you want it higher before they will prescribe. Some people's TSH doesn't rise very much but they do have clinical symptoms.


Thankyou shaws I will do that. Although my ft3 is the one that was tested and is 4.3 on reference 3.1-6.8 is this still low? How do you know what is a low pulse and how is this judged?


Your FT3 could be a little higher as it's about middle presently.

The very best way to judge whether or not the dose is sufficient for you is 'how you feel'. That's the main criteria - if you don't feel too good you are probably not yet on a dose which relieves your symptoms.

A low heart rate would be, usually, a beat below 60 bpm. This is how you judge if your temperature is too low.


Hi again shaws I'm

Not taking any medication as my doctor has said I am within range, although ft4 right at the below range. What I need is someone to medicate me based

On my symptoms and not lab ranges.


Also my pulse is 53 Bpm is this an indicator?


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