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Help please with info for my g.p

Hi everyone,

Saw my gp today and discussed the fact that I've begun to self medicate on westthroid after exhausting all other options over the last few years . He was fairly supportive and said that he was happy id found something that seemed to be working better for me though he couldn't ever prescribe and I'd have to fund it myself . He did also say that he'd need to educate himself a bit more and have a read up to make sure I wasn't putting myself in any danger ( I had thyroid cancer 12 years ago ) so they always concerned about suppressing or keeping my TSH low .

Does anyone know of any good literature I could suggest he reads to help further support my case and to educate him the right way ?!

Many thanks,

Amanda .

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AmandaQ, give him the patient information leaflet which comes with the WP or link him to RLC Labs website. He'll see from the details how much T4 and T3 it contains and there will be no problem suppressing your TSH if you take a sufficient dose.

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I think the following link will be very helpful and it's good that your doctor is willing to view an alternative method, although it is the very original way of treating people with hypothyroidism and discovered in 1892 and up until the late 50's when levothyroxine and blood tests were introduced.

(you might have to run off some of the 'critiques' within the above link from other researchers/doctors).

This link concerns a patient who has lodged a Petition in the Scottish Parliament for change in the treatment of patients.

The final two are by doctors/scientists


I always believed that people with thyroid cancer had to have a suppressed TSH.


After thyroid cancer your tsh should be suppressed and any NDT is an excellent way to do this plus it also supplies

T4 T3 T2 T1 plus calcitonin all of which a normal thyroid produces

In general thyroidectomised patients only do well on NDT

Consider thyroid-s its much cheaper than westhyroid

Avoid the use /ingestion of flouride or the use of any form of aluminium cookware etc

Use only stainless steel,glass or cast iron

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I know thyroid s is much cheaper but I'm so sensitive to everything so picked Westhroid because it seemed to be the simplest formulation . Not sure about what fillers are in thyroid s ?


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