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Starting Thiroyd NDT from 50mcg levothyroxine today

I thought I would post my journey onto NDT to help others take the plunge.

I have been taking 50mcg levothyroxine Actavis although doctor told me to take 25mcg but I have been raising it according to my symptoms on my own.

I had started to feel air hunger and becoming more breathless, I have a lot of tinnitus, insomnia and feelings of pressure on my diaphragm from stomach when I layed down to go to sleep which increased my heart rate slightly but it was noticeable and kept me awake. I was also getting cramps in legs or toes. My weight had started to creep up again.

I ordered Thiroyd from Thailand after reading good reviews, I have also changed my doctor surgery although I have yet to have my first appointment which is booked for a weeks time. I have had no thyroid tests since May 2015 and my last test result was serum thyroid peroxidase 195 (0-35), serum free T3 5.3 (3.1-6.8) for some reason my doctor didn't test T4 or even TSH, another reason I have changed doctors. I am also taking 3 Nutri Thyroid a day along with vitamins and minerals.

I telephoned Dr P's office yesterday and he answered the phone and gave me confidence to start on the NDT, he is amazing and so helpful to us.

I treated myself to a new winter coat and handbag, just to celebrate the new me......

7.20am this morning 24 Oct 2015 I took 25mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg Thiroyd (I was a bit tentative to go straight to one grain 60mcg Thiroyd and wanted to make sure I didn't have an adverse reaction or something nightmarish that my anxiety was putting into my head)! I had read that it was good to have two thirds of the dose in the morning and the other third in the afternoon. By lunch time my voice was getting croaky so I knew I was low and took the other third (10mcg). I have noticed that I am feeling warm, sitting here in just a T shirt I can feel an inner warmth, my feet are warm and I even have the door open to the garden. I would usually be cool. I also managed to get up without walking around like a zombie and I just felt an urge to get things done. I have already mowed the lawn, raked it, cleared up after my children and now I feel like a walk. I had a heart attack in Jan 2014 so I am taking it easy and slowly. I shall keep posting updates. I did feel a bit anxious but after reading how others have taken the plunge and the wonderful back up on this site I didn't feel I was alone in doing this. Without this website I wouldn't have been in this position and would probably have been on levo until I went on the world cruise!! ( this is what we say when we mean the inevitable, it sounds better and my friends and I can joke about it, it even makes my 91 year old Mum laugh)!

Till my next input, keep dancing! x

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Your response to NDT is great but do be sensible and do not rush into high intensity exercise

it takes time for hypothyroid damaged tissues to repair but on NDT they will bit by bit

remember to take a good multivitamin at bedtime


Thanks for that, just going to bed so will take that now. Felt good today, went for a fast walk and left it at that. Will really go slow with the NDT and have respect for it. Will stay as I am for a few weeks, thanks for the poke to keep my feet on the ground, its easy to get carried away. x


I slept really well for the first time in ages. I woke at 7am and took 25mcg levothyroxine and .5 grain Thiroyd. I have had no air hunger whatsover today, no chest pressure, my joints haven't ached or hurt, I stood still in a waiting room today without feeling bad, I took .5 grain at 1pm with lunch. I have had energy all day until this evening when I fell asleep watching tv. I have had no palpitations but still have tinnitus. I haven't felt any anxiety or anything bad. I am really pleased and will stay at this level for a couple of weeks until I have spoken to Dr P again. I am so glad I took the plunge, I was on 50mcg levo before so it hasn't been a drastic change. I went for another good walk today and some shopping and didn't feel the need to sit down.


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