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Supplements question again

Hi all sorry too keep asking but i was wondering if i should be taking vit c alongside whwt i currently take. I take spatone original everyday i alternate days for my b complex and jarrows b12 5000mcg i also when i remember take a 3-6-9 omega oil. Would adding vit c or ester c be beneficial too the mix? I catch all the snuffles my little one gets but get them as full blown chest infections that take weeks too shake off. So if i did add it what forms are best tablet them fizzy tablets you add too water how many mcg or mg is best etc?

Alongside this what do other people take ? Many thanks in advance

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I'm not medically qualified but I have always taken high dose vitamin C. I started it years ago when it was on the after care sheet when I had a dental procedure. I made a rally good recovery and I continued to take it. When I started taking carbs axle for Graves Disease my pharmacist came out to tell me to take a good dose of vitamin C with the carb. At around that time I was discussing vitamin C with someone who had been told many years ago by an orthopaedic consultant to give her son vitamin C after he had broken his arm very badly. I used to take Redoxon Slow Release Vitamin C capsules with zinc - unfortunately they no longer seem to make them and the same stuff seems to come as tablets that fizz in water. There are lots of other options though. Like you I also take B12 and B complex and vitamin D3

As I say, this is my personal opinion, I am not a medical professional.


Sorry for my late reply many thanks for your response too my question I will definitely look for some ester c is meant too be more gentle on your stomach Than ascorbic acid. Thank you again


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