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Such twaddle!!

After my daughter was overmedicated in hospital causing a psychotic episode she then had her thyroxine stopped for four months for congenital hypothyroidism resulting in a tsh of 87 with myxodema. She has just seen an endocrinologist who said her abnormal blood tests for last sept such as high renin etc do not matter as she was ill at the time!! Oh my God. - Do abnormal results reflect that your ill or not??

My family should just jump from a bridge because the bull**** were told is farcical!

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Your daughter was ill because she was overdosed in a hospital - which caused a psychotic episode and then thyoxine was stopped for four months! I hate to think what she felt like - it would be bad enough to stop for a few days never mind four months..

The fact that she has had congenital hypo since birth and they overmedicated with thyroxine I think a few days would have been sufficient to reduce the hormone levels and they must have been very negligent, I think.

Both of you plus the family really must have been put through some unnecessary worries due to the thoughtlessness of the Endocrinology Dept.

I hope she's better now but it would seem that Endocrinologists know little and don't accept that the decisions they make are wrong. It's the patient and their family that suffers most.

I hope your daughter is much better now.


My familys situation is now so bad that I will persevere finding a solicitor who will force the police to take action. My daughter was held illegally and denied meds for congenital hypothyroidism. She collapsed with chest pain then mental decline after over medicating by them. My youngest daughter s

' care ' has been an utter joke after our car accident etc. I don't want financial recompense I want the police to investigate their actions against my family and someone held accountable for this because it's never going to stop otherwise


I hope you are able to solve the problems because you've sufficient to worry about without additional strain.

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