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tsh level advice please :-)


I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid appox 15 years ago by a great doctor, eventually through trial and error have been on 175-200 Levo but over the last year have increasing debilitating tiredness and weight gain. As a result of my last blood tests my new Doctor has decreased to 150 but I can barely stay awake in the afternoon, just because it's not "normal" doesn't mean it's not my normal, very frustrating! I did take Cytomel and lost weight and felt great but you can't buy it anymore and the Spanish replacement is not good for me.

TSH Result 0.05 mu/L (0.55 - 4.78)

I would be grateful for any comments or help.

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Tsh alone cannot and must never never be used to assess thyroid

I suspect that you cannot convert t4 into t3

Ask your gp to test




Vit d3

All must be HALFWAY in their ranges in order to utilise thyroid medication

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Thank you, I have to be re-tested in a couple of weeks so I will ask them to do that.


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