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My TSH level = 25. Anyone else?

Just a quick question, I understand that a TSH level of 5 signifies hypothyroidism. I have recently had a blood test and my TSH was 25.

I have had a Total Thyroidectomy, and my T3 & T4 were only slightly outside the accepted ranges.

So, is a TSH of 25 huge? Has anyone else here ever had their TSH so high? If so, how were you feeling? I have been petty exhausted, I was at 2 naps a day for a while their and have trouble getting motivated to do anything!

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I seem to have the same symptoms as you but with a slightly lower TSH of 21.

I too would like an answer as it all seems very compicated and I am now getting fed up with feeling like this

I had a total thyroidectomy 3 years ago, and up until 2 months ago my TSH was 0.05.

Am sorry I have no answers for but for me at least its nice to know that I am not alone in this. I wish you well and hope we both get an answer soon

Judy 1234


My tsh was 89.33 on diagnosis and I felt absolutely dreadful my last TSH was 36.33 and I still feel just as bad seem to spend most of my day asleep x


Tsh of 25 is horrendous

you must be treated very fast

after graves disease you must be treated on symptoms never never on t4 and t3 since your body will have been sensitised to very high levels and can never again cope on "so called normal "

You may also find you need NDT to get well rather than levothyroxine



I still have my thyroid gland but was diagnosed as hypo in May at which point my TSH had reached >99.

I was so on well. I would sit down and literally fall to sleep I would sleep 12 hrs and nap up to 4hrs a day. I could manage to do much at all. I hurt all over freezing cold. Spasms in my whole body including g my face. I was depressed over emotional. The list goes on. I've also put a ridiculous amount of weight on.


I was recently diagnosed hypo with tsh of 100 currently on 50 levo a day from gp but have an endo first check on nov 3rd. I did feel a bit rough for 8 weeks but started feeling much better before diagnosed, to be honest I don't feel that bad at all, some days I feel nothing, on a bad day maybe 30 mins of brain fog, mild headache and blurry vision, I do feel cold all the time. I find if I sit and think about the hypo it brings me down and makes it worse so I try and keep positive and active, I am easily annoyed though. I am slowly losing weight without trying after putting on just over a stone but put that down to giving up smoking earlier in the year, I sleep around the same amount that ive always done.


Wow, some of you have very high TSH levels.

Has anyone got a link to for se useful information on NDT? Or does anyone have any kind of dietary recommendations which have helped?

I to get quite down when I think about how high my levels are and how horrible I feel. I try my best to keep busy but sometime it's just too much and I let all my housework and other chores slide. I have a pretty mentally demanding full time job, so when I get home I do tend to just collapse.

I would love to try and loose some weight, as the over the past few months I have put on weight, after already being overweight, but after 15 minutes of exercise I'm done and end up having a nap afterwards!

My Thyroxine has just been increased from 100 to 125 (micrograms?), so I am hoping that will help a bit, but it will still be some weeks before I will be able to feel if that is helping or not.


Unexplained weight gain is common in people with undiagnosed hypothyroidism and when on an optimum dose of thyroid hormones it can reduce. Weight gain is also a big complaint when people first take levothyroxine if their doctor doesn't raise their dose sufficiently and keeps the TSH within the range. Most of us feel better when the TSH is very low or suppressed.

Weight gain is a clinical symptom.

It's good to exercise gently when first on levo, walking-swimming etc. Vigorous exercise reduces T3 which is the active hormone needed to raise our metabolism. Levo is T4 and has to convert to sufficient T3.


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