Here's my TSH Level

My Specialist called and said my TSH level was 5.25 and told to take 2.5 Methimazole once a day one day and 5mg of Methimazole the other day once a day, so that is how I will be taking my dosage until she checks my TSH level again within a month. I know 5.25 tsh is hypo high already. Just to let you know, I have both graves and hashimotos. I wonder what will become of my prognosis since she the Specialist says she wants me to go into remission in time. I can only hope. Oh just to let you know my Specialist doesn't test much for free 4 and certainly not at all the free3, I did make her copies of them both for her from my Medical Doctor before she gave me the TSH level. Thanks everyone.

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  • Sarajuarez,

    Your TSH is far too high because you are over medicated. How long have you been taking Methimazole?

  • Started taking Methimazole since last year of September 2016.

  • Sarajuarez2912,

    I expect your specialist will wean you off in a few months.

  • The only thing then that I will fear is when she thinks I may go into remission, then I start to feel the effects of graves, it's an ugly horrible feeling Clutter.

  • Sarajuarez2912,

    If you start to feel the effects of Graves when you stop taking Methimazole it is probably because the remission has failed and you have become hyperthyroid again.

    You can't have withdrawal from Methimazole because you are still taking it.

  • Thanks Clutter I always like your comments, they are very helpful, I always read the forum for valuable knowledge information.

  • When I took 1/2 of the Methimazole I woke up shaking, I wonder if it was a withdrawal of the dosage since it wasn't a 5 mg.

  • Your TSH has continued to rise since your last test. Personally, I would take 2.5mg daily and test after 8 weeks. A month is too soon to be tested! And it's ridiculous for the Endo to allow you to go so far over, why on earth doesn't she test FT3 & FT4!! (although anyone can see you are over medicated)

  • I'm wondering now also. Today I took 1/2 of the Methimazole. And yes basically she only checks TSH level, I guess I would have a talk with my Medical Doctor in referring me to another Ando who she might know who checks Free 3 and Free 4 regularly. Thanks Silver_ fairy.

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