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Comments on Latest Bloods Please

Hello All,

I have Hashi's and hypo. I am currently being treated by an endo (NHS) with

100mcg Levothyroxine (taken at night)

10mcg Liothyronine (taken in the morning)

I have been fine for 2 months but have become very symptomatic again in the past 3-4 weeks (since the weather went cold). Weight gain, cold, needing naps, forgetting words, dropping things, painful/swollen ankles.

I had bloods taken this week ready for my endo appt next week. My GP has called me in a panic over TSH result so I explained I have endo appt.

I didn't take my T4 the night before the test (never do) nor my T3 the morning of the test. Test at 8.45am.

TSH 0.05 (0.2-5.5)

FT4 14.0 (10-22)

FT3 4.5 (3.9-6.7)

Am I right in thinking my TSH being suppressed is because I am on Liothyronine (T3) and should be considered even more irrelevant than we patients normally consider it?! I consider the meds are doing the job of my thyroid and so it doesn't need TSH.

Any suggestions on what to request from endo? I want more T3 but do I need more T4 too? She is a very officious lady but readily offered the T3 trial. I need good reasoning to ensure she does not withdraw it and to secure an increase (though FT3 was 4.1 before it so she shouldn't withdraw).

Thanks as ever.


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Yes, the t3 supresses the tsh. Would be worth asking the doc what she thinks will happen if you have a low tsh..... She will say osteoporosis and heart problems. There is a paper which says that the osteoporosis threat is untrue.. ..and low thyroid can lead to heart problems.

Chances are if you get the free t4 into the top end of the range, your free t3 woll rise anyway. You cannot convert the t4 if there is nothing to convert. Dr toft says that t4 should be at the top of the eange.

Amazon..... Antony toft, understanding thyroid problems.

Some people need more thyroid meds in the winter.

X. G


Claire, you'll probably feel better with slightly higher FT3 >5.0. A 10mcg T3 dose should be ample. T3 not only suppresses TSH it often lowers T4 as well as higher levels for conversion aren't necessary when you're taking T3 direct. I think it is very unlikely your endo would contemplate increasing T4 and T3, it's usually one or the other.


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