After self medicating with Erfa for a year now I have recently lost a stone (only another 4 to go!) Friends have started to comment on how my face has changed. When I looked back at some photos before NDT I could clearly see how my puffy eyes, face and neck has much reduced. You can see the difference in this photo I have just taken and my profile picture.

Also I am now back at work for an hour a day, which is a big deal for me after being unable to work for 4 years previous due to a diagnosis of ME. Still a long way to go, but improvements are happening.

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  • Good to see the 'real' you emerging fixit.

  • Great news fixit and you do look very well indeed. The fact too that you're able to go to work for an hour to start with is very encouraging for you.

    Also it is encouraging for other still on the same 'old' road. Trying their best without much input from their GPs.

  • Really good to hear. I have ME diagnosis now self medicating with NDT. Feel better already. Thanks for posting its really encouraging x

  • Wonderful news my friend, glad to hear your feeling better :) x

  • Great to read Good news! May it continue!!!

  • You look really good fixit, hope you continue to improve.

    Thanks for posting.

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