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Help! Need Allergy free meds😳

Hi all, I posted yesterday but must have put in wrong place so I'm trying again ☺️

I'm after all your expert help if I may? I have hashis and also several food allergies. I'm currently on armour (and doing goodish) apart from losing heaps of hair. My endo thought it my be my ferritin but after nearly a year we've got it to above 70 now (new growth and stop it failing limit) and it's worse than ever.

Long story short my doctors were reading my results wrong last year and had me decreasing my meds (also armour) and my hairloss drastically improved! And as I've since increased the meds again its now worse than ever! So I'm wondering if It's the fillers in armour?

They state dextrose - which according to google can be derived from wheat (docs think I'm a celiac but I haven't eaten it KNOWINGLY for nearly 2 years), potatoes rice or corn? My pharmacist states he cannot promise it's gluten free?😕 and suggested WPTHROID but I'm also lactose intolerant and have ibs and wp contains INULIN too so that is out.....

Hopefully you knowledgeable guys/gals cans help...


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What about it's 'sister' product - Nature Throid. It's also hypoallergenic.

I don't know anything about lactose but WP Thyroid - inulin is a fructose made from chicory root and which is also found in bananas, onions and garlic.

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Thank you kindly shaws😊 I have both lactose intolerance and dairy allergy but it says small/ trace amount of lactose / in the Nature. may have to try it. Fructose is awful for me 😕 side effect of this is I got ibs so all fodmaps are out. (Insert big sigh here) x

I have to say I'm a little shocked that so many (all really) have some kind of allergen as an inactive ingredient given so many people with hashis have food allergies/ intolerances!


I hope it works for you with no ill-effects. It's bad enough having to select a hormone replacement which works without having to exclude most before you even begin.

Best wishes


Thanks me too 😉 x


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