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Hi everyone,can anyone help me,since having an under active thyroid and Hoffmans syndrome,I have been on varying levels of levo,bur for the last year have began to feel ill,loads of hypo symptoms back,and chronic migraines and gastritis,I was given 10mg of T3 to take with 75 of levo but it didnt help me,I asked my endio if I could try armour but he said there is no point as T3 didnt agree with me,can any one advise me what I could try,I am desperate,Thanks

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  • dylandolly do you have the results from recent blood tests? TSH, fT4, fT3. I've never heard of Hoffman's Syndrome before and just read a case report on Pubmed. If the hypthyroid condition is treated properly, the problems go away. Just you need to be properly dosed for this to happen.

    What dose of Levothyroxine were you on before the dose was changed to 75 mcg Levothyroxine and 10 mcg of Liothyronine?

    Gastritis can be caused by hypothyroidism if replacement dose is too low.

  • Hi gabkad,I was on a 100mg of Levo for a few years and felt ok,although never really well,but about a year ago I started to feel more unwell,and TSH level were all over the place,and as soon as I go under medicated the symptoms of Hoffmans come back,I just dont feel well at all at the moment,I am currently in Florida so dont have any test results here,I usually love Florida I have a home here,but this time I have hardly been over the door,I cannot stand the heat,even for a few minutes,also the chronic migraines and gastritis has made it actually unpleasant to be here,I have so many of the hypo symptoms back,its like levo's not working any more

  • Looks more like the 100 mcg levothyroxine wasn't enough. They should increase the dose until your fT4 is close to top of range. If range is 12 to 24, then raise it till it's 20 and forget about TSH because that can fluctuate and mean nothing. So long as it is 0.5 to 1.0, that's good. Some people function best when TSH is lower than 0.5 but it's at least a target.

    Also you need to take the meds first thing in the morning with a bit of water and after that, don't eat for an hour and don't drink coffee especially because it reduces absorption of the medication.

  • yeah thats what I do,take levo on an empty stomach then wait an hour before I eat,with the levo in the last 9 month Ive been on levo at 100mg,then 125,150,and the 175,and then told to go all the way back down,also the other debilitating thing is I cant sleep for more than 3 hours,I just lie awake the rest of the night,I feel levo is not working and want to try something else but dont know what to try

  • Do you have the blood test results for all this roller coaster of dosing?

  • yes I do,every blood test the the TSH was going up,one time it went from 5.3 then 6 weeks later it was 11 something,so levo just got put up until TSH came down,but said my thyroid was unstable

  • The thyroid shouldn't matter. If you are on full replacement dosage, you thyroid goes out of service entirely and that's really what you need.

  • is there anything other than Levo that you know of that I could try to see if it suits me better

  • Dylandolly, you could see a US doctor and get a prescription for T3 to add to Levothyroxine or ask for a prescription for Armour, NatureThroid or WP NDT.

  • Hi Clutter,I was given T3 a few months ago to take with 75mg of levo,but It didnt help me I thought it added to my headaches,so I took your advice and cut T3 down to 5mg,but still didnt help,so endio is saying there is no point in trying armour as it wont help,do you think any of the ones you mentioned above would suit me even though the T3 didnt,I am desperate to feel well again

  • Dylandolly, I don't think the endo's right. Many people who don't do well on synthetic T4 and T3 do well on NDT. NatureThroid and WP are supposed to be the most hypoallergenic NDT and both are considerably less expensive than Armour. It's really a question of suck it and see to find out whether something works.

  • Thanks Clutter,the endio said he didn't like armour,but when you feel ill you would try anything,and I am desperate,I was just watching on TV here that Hilary Clinton takes armour,so I'm sure it must be good

  • Dylandolly, well there's the reason for the endo telling you Armour won't work for you because T3 didn't.

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