Blood test results

Blood test results

Hi everyone, this is only my second post as I'm new here. On my first post you were all so kind and some of you said to post my blood test results on here. I would so appreciate any help or advice you could give me. The doc has not requested to see me so obviously he is happy with these results, however my daughter is not and is very worried. Also, they were supposed to be checking my B12 levels but this doesn't appear on the tests. Feeling awful at the moment and just don't know where to turn. Thank goodness I have you lovely people on here to talk with, please know how much I appreciate your replies and I hope you all saw my 'thank you' to you all on my first post. Please find attached blood tests done on Monday 12 October. With many thanks.

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  • Your TSH is high, but I guess the reason your doctor doesn't want to see you is that your FT4 is within range (12.7 in a range of 9 to 19) unless he is just sadistic. However given that you have symptoms, and high cholesterol is one of them, he should have started you on 50mcg a day of Levothyroxine (unless you are over 65 or have a history of heart problems, in which case 25mcg). Could you go back to see him and ask for a trial of levothyroxine? Don't let him put you on statins to bring the cholesterol down until your TSH is down around 1 (and even then there are many who would say don't ever). Are there any other doctors in your practice who might be more clued up?

  • Thank you eeng for your reply it's much appreciated. I actually am on 50 mcg levo but I have had to stop taking it as it has started to really burn my oesophagus as I have a hiatus hernia. Also I have been on omeprazole for years and just discovered the horror of what that does and I've stopped that too but it's agony without it. After valued advice on here I am taking betaine/pepsin and also bicarb soda(I've done the soda test and it was 4 mins before I burped, so low acid), and that helps but I still cannot take levo as it's causing too much pain. Oh dear what a mess. I've tried taking it at night but it wakes me up with intense burning. Been off levo now for a week. I am over 65 and no heart problems. They can keep their statins too. It's only this last few months that my cholesterol has gone up. Eeng should I have posted blood results on my first post where people asked to look at them? Thank you again eeng.

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