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Is it normal ?

As far as anything thyroid is normal , is it normal to have unexplained relapses and feel absolute rubbish .

I have never felt fine , not on Levothyroxine only or now with some T3 added .

I have however been able to function more or less ok

This morning I woke up with a massive headache , off balance and a feeling of overwhelming tiredness .

My Endo increased my Levo to 125 from 100 two weeks ago, added to the 20mcg of t3 . Is it possible that it is the increase or is it just something that happens with the thyroid?

I feel so depressed today .

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Hello Pinkpeony,

I am sorry you are still feeling unwell.

You have been medicating T3 & T4 for 5 months. ... I have been on T3 & T4 for 3.5 months and am still adjusting.

My emotions are so heighten that I either feel very high ..happy.. ecstatic even .. lol.. or suddenly experiencing profound sadness and crying.. ..

It happens anytime & anyplace. .. . really annoying.

It can take many months to finally adjust. I know you had a headache this morning but is that usual.? .. have any of your previous symptoms gone..? .. do you feel better in general..? .

I feel loads better .. just need to crack this emotional turmoil.



Hi Flower

No I can't say I feel better , in fact the only time there was a glimmer was when I was trying to introduce t3 and was taking the smallest dose.

I have a strong feeling t3 is not for me . I envy people who say they feel better after the first couple of tablets .

I have lost more weight. I am waiting for results of bloods that Endo had taken to try and find the reason for this .

I am depressed because I feel so bad today and it is impossible to arrange any sort of a social life .


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Actually I have a headache most days since I started T3

Thank you Flower




I had a headache after starting T3 but only for the first two days.

I also lost weight but things have all evened out now.

I would say any dose adjustment can throw you off balance for a while but I am so sorry you haven't seen a steady improvement.

Going back to fundamentals ...... are all your nutrients & iron levels OPTIMAL because anything less can alter the efficiency of thyroid meds. ? . Also adequate cortisol levels.. ? .

Are you supplementing selenium known to help the bodies usage of thyroid hormones?.

Do you have Hashi as high antibodies can indirectly interfere with meds too..?

It is hard adjusting to the new life that our illness dictates but comparisons to when we were healthy will make you feel down and may be negative in your healing process. Look ahead and believe you will feel better one day.

Other than that I don't know what else to suggest. Your test results will be telling.....



Hi Flower , my vits are fine , I had a full bloods done with Blue Horizon and also basic ones at the doctor's.

Everything seems fine.

I believe he was testing for adrenals but haven't yet heard.

I was puzzled that the Endo told me to increase Levo and stay on 20mcg T3.

I was under the impression Levo was reduced when on T3.

Thanks for your replies!




I have been reading about T3 intolerance and the adrenal connection.

... [.. 93% percent of the hormone produced by the thyroid is inactive T4 until it is activated mainly in the liver by an enzyme. Cortisol directly inhibits this enzyme (5’-deiodinase) which converts inactive T4 into active T3. This in part can lead to low T3 levels. In addition, elevated cortisol will cause thyroid hormone receptor insensitivity meaning that even if T3 levels are adequate, they may still NOT be able to bind normally to receptor sites. Cortisol will also INCREASE the production of reverse T3 which is inactive. Cortisol can also LOWER the levels of protein that binds to thyroid hormone so it can circulate in a stable structure. Iodine is extremely vital to thyroid health but high levels of cortisol will increase the excretion of iodide from the kidney. And finally, elevated cortisol will inhibit TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) production by disrupting hypothalamic-pituitary feedback leading to suboptimal TSH production in the range of 1.0-1.5....] .. .

Quite a few reasons to maybe work on your adrenals before adding T3 again.PP.


This information is being sent from me personally and not in my capacity as an Admin of Thyroid UK. I am not a medical professional and so any information exchanged is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these recommendations.


Sorry Flower

Thought that thread was done.

Will have to study your reply to understand .

Thanks Pp



You wrote -

'It is hard adjusting to the new life that our illness dictates but comparisons to when we were healthy will make you feel down and may be negative in your healing process. Look ahead and believe you will feel better one day.'

Just to let you know I found this to be an observation of absolute wisdom. Especially if we are of a certain age when this particular sh*t hits the fan, we need to acknowledge that we will never feel like we did when we were healthy...and the near side of the menopause.

I like your style, Flower and your comment is something to recall if I'm having a bad day. Thank you



Thank you Rapunzel.

It is spoken from my heart as have had such a terrible year.

There are many who practice living in the NOW but sometimes looking ahead is the only way forward.


"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present".


How is your magnesium? And how are your adrenals? I have terrible headaches when my adrenals are bad - usually wake up with a headache and dry mouth and it isn't the sort you can sleep off.


Wow Angel that describes it perfectly !

I am waiting on results for that also.

My mouth is dry all night and the headache starts just before or after I get up.

Any way you can help yourself ?



I took up meditation, took adrenal support supplements and magnesium, changed my job, changed my diet, slept a lot and after over 25 years I'm OK nearly all the time now. I think the bioidentical hormones and T3 have also helped. it isn't quick. The majority of the changes have been in the last 10 years.

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That's radical .

Well done you tho it's taken a long time!

Stay well




25 years ! ! Gosh. That is amazing & well done.

How bad were you at your worst?



Hi have just had hrt suggested to me and am starting to research I wonder if you could advise what bio identical hormones have helped you



Everyone is different. You need the right ones in the right dose and right format prescribed for you by a doctor who really understands them (the NHS doesn't do them)


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