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results....any light???

No idea what this means just know weight gain extreme tiredness and pain everywhere..only half a thyroid and what is there is calcified goitre

thyroid function ...serum TSH level 1.56miu/L (0,27-4.2)

serum free T4 14.7 pmol/L (12.0-22.0)

urea ans electrolytes 4.5 (2.5-7.8)

creatine 61 (45,0-84.0)

other stuff no idea what it means...any advice welcome

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Are you on any thyroid hormone replacement? Your FT4 is a bit low, but you should really have your FT3 tested to know more about what is going on. Your symptoms certainly sound hypo, but these tests Don't give enough information.


No...not on any meds because normal.....I don't feel normal but doc dosnt do other tests unless not in normal range. But my Mum is hypothyroid... And Mt own thyroid is a mess...had right half removed and left half that is there is nodular and calcified...my brain is foggy...I'm in pain n so tired....but doc says I'm fine...and won't send me to endo because she knows he will say I'm fine.....apparently...


O and low vitamin d...put on tabs...level is 10....whatever that means


It means it's very low. How much has she put you on, and what's it called?

The unfortunate thing is that symptoms can preceed low blood test results by years. But doctors Don't know that, they will only go by the results - TSH, usually. You really ought to have your antibodies tested, as well as the FT3. Any chance you can get them done privately? It wouldn't be surprising if you were hypo, with only half a gland. But they have this weird idea that half a gland is all you need.


200iu twice a day...how would I go about private tests


200 iu of vit D3? That's not nearly enough. You'd be far better of buying your own. And you should be taking vit K2 with it, because D3 raises calcium levels, and the K2 helps the calcium to get into the bones, and not the tissues.

You would have to post a new question to ask about private tests. I Don't know anything about them, because I Don't live in the UK. :)


Thank you..so how high should I go with vit d??


Well, I would think you need a couple of thousand iu a day at least. Perhaps even 5000 for a couple of weeks, to bring the level up rapidly. And it must be D3.


sallyann, as greygoose says you need a higher amount than that. That's like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it by putting one drip in every few minutes.

My level was <7 so GP put me on 40000IU D3 per week (2 x 20000IU) for 7 weeks. Blood test showed new level of 59 (units ? can't remember). Now I take 5000IU daily of D3, or sometimes every other day depending on how many I have left in the bottle. As grey says take with K2, I use Super K by Life Extension, it has K1 and two types of K2 in it.


Thank you...my brain dosnt work so well at the moment so good to talk to you guys and get advice

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