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Iv been called Adrenal Insufficient for a wk now. I got b12 checked. One test said it was 17.2nmol/L but Range simply was >7.0 and its labeled 'S.Fol'. Last time it was just b12, folate and active.

Active was 70pmol/L and range >35. New ranges for me. She did say i injections 1 every 3mth. But with my vit d,iron, ft4, tsh up an down and few other hormones borderline or completely out... what does jt all mean. The name Pernacious anemia had been mentioned during this investigation stuff. I had intrinsic factors Ab but low and neg despite appearing.

Well i am confused. Want to see endo sooner then mid nov.

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Dee, S.Fol will be serum folate and 17.2 in range >7.0 is good. Active B12 70 in range >35 means B12 deficiency is unlikely. Was active B12 tested after an injection? 3 monthly B12 injections are usually prescribed to pernicious anaemia patients.


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