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Hyperthyroid blood results

i have just been diagnosed on these blood results, any comments on these very greatly appreciated

TSH. 0.05 (0.3 to 5.0)

25-HO vit D. 18.2 mark abnormal no ranges given

Vit B12 161 (170-730)

T4. 39.7 (10-18.7)

Total Protein. 59 (60-80)

There doesn't seem to be a T3 result. I have started on Carbimazole 5mg twice daily. I have another GP appointment next week what do I need to ask when I go back

Thank you

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Welcome to the group Karen. Your results are remarkably similar to what mine were when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and are probably typical for hyperthyroid. Do you know if you have thyroid antibodies, Graves is overactive with antibodies. I would certainly ask that. I wasn't told and I think if I hadn't mentioned Graves the consultants assistant wouldn't have mentioned it either.

Have you been referred to an endocrinologist because if not you should be. 10mcg isn't a big dose, I was started on my my GP on 20mcg a day ( I was 65 when diagnosed) but that was increased to 40mcg after a 4 week blood test. Find out how your hospital will treat you - mine treated by block and replace but some hospitals treat by titrating carbimazole.

Your B12 is very low, your vitamin D has been marked 'abnormal' it's low as well, I don't know anything about protein though.

My B12 was higher than yours but only just within the range and although my endo was happy with it I have a family history of B12 deficiency so I supplemented with Jarrow's sublingual B12 Methylcobalamin, you take one a day and let it dissolve under your tongue. They work very well and will hopefully raise your levels in no time.

I use a daily vitamin D spray to keep my vit D topped up. On the advice of my local pharmacist, given when I started on carb, I also take 1000mcg vitamin C. It's important to have these bits in the upper part of their range. You also want your ferritin and folates well up in their ranges. If you click on my profile at the top I have a link to a nice little video that explains the role of vitamins and minerals in thyroid health.

Here's a link to City Assays it tells you about vitamin D levels ( I had to use them because my doctors wouldn't do it! )

I'm sure others will come along with suggestions.


Yes I've been referred to hospital just have to wait for an appointment. I think the GP may increase the dose when I go back he said start on low dose to avoid side effects.

Ferritin is 235 (10-290)

Folate is 4.7 (3-19)

I don't think an antibody test has been done

I have got vitamin c with zinc already from advice on here


Hopefully he will, it can take quite a while to get to see an endo - I waited three months.

In the beginning I spent four weeks on 20mcg a day and after my first blood test nothing had really changed.

I then spent two months on 40mcg (my endo shares records with my GP and wrote to tell me what t do) and became under active so make sure if they increase the dose, that you have regular blood tests. It's much better not t let that happen.

Your ferritin looks good but your folate has a bit to go hasn't it.

You can ask about Graves when you speak to your doctor next week - see what he / she says. 😊


Thank you 😃

What time of day should I take the supplements? I have sent for b12 and vitD. I take Carbimazole in morning and at night and take vitC at lunchtime as a drink with lunch. The only benefit so far from the Carbimazole has been a reduction in palpitations providing I don't try to walk too far, not that I can with lead legs, but I have rested this week as I have sick note for six weeks. Before I was diagnosed I was struggling and think I just packed up 😕


Vit D should be taken with a 'fatty' meal if possible, Vit b12 not sure. I dont think Carbiamazole/supplements are affected by being taken close together (unlike Levo etc)

It can take up to 6 weeks for you truly to feel how a dose change ius affecting you, but do not let them put you on too high a dose for too long a time as you will go hypo.

Definitely get your antibodies tested asap, if you have Graves you need to be refered to an Endo, as GP's do not have the knowledge or experience in that area.

Be kind to yourself, eat as well as you can, sleep or at least rest often, and dont take on anything stressful at this time.


With a B12 that low, I think you should be tested for Pernicious Anemia - if you have PA, you get B12 injections on the NHS. Ask for intrinsic factor and parietal cell antibodies. But I Don't think you should start supplementing B12 until those have been done, because it could skew the results. This is very, very important, so insist! :)


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