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Tsh 0.14; t3 4.5; t4 10

Hi all

I'm on armour 3 grains a day and have an underactive thyroid.

Since these results I have been feeling very anxious and having panic attacks.

My gp said no wonder as it's a hormone imbalance from my thyroid and I should have all my glands checked.

My endocrynologist didn't check me and just said that the levels are fine and that I should continental the 3 grains.

This doesn't feel right. Any ideas or help please. I'm thinking of seeing another endocrynologist. Help.....

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These results look fine even without the ranges, but if you're feeling anxious etc I would miss tomorrow's dose and reduce by 1/2 grain the following day. We have to be guided by our symptoms. If after a week you're still experiencing them, reduce by another 1/4. Sometimes our bodies tell us what's best.


Hello nic,

Welcome to our forum.

shaws has already given good advice above.

However if you can post the result ranges (numbers in brackets) members will be able to give a more accurate answer.


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was that free t3 and free t4 ...helpful if you post the normal which is out beside the test sound hyper.....I would cut 1/2 gram for 2 weeks and see if that makes a ignore tsh pretty much on armour, but you need free t3 and free t4 results....


Go by how you feel not numbers.


Well, I Don't know, people seem to think you're over-dosed - difficult to tell without the ranges - but I think that FT3 looks a bit low. You can get anxiety and panic attacks with low T3, you know. And with low cortisol.


Dr didn't give me ranges. But anxiety is really, really bad.

So how would I increase t3 via armour?


Well, when you're on Armour, it's all or nothing, isn't it. You can't just increase the T3. But without seeing the ranges, I can't say with any certainty that you are Under-medicated. It's just that the FT3 looked a bit low to me judging by ranges I've seen before.

Always, always insist on having the ranges. Doctors often Don't like giving you your results, anyway. But as it's your legal right to have them, I think they get round that by not giving you the ranges, which makes the results meaningless. Give him a ring and ask. :)


Well dr's won't give me much. They Confirmed tsh of 0.14 mu/l free t3 of 4.5 pmol/l and free t4 of 10 pmols/l


Then, I'm afraid, you're going to have to start putting your foot down. You are legally entitled to your results, and as the results Don't mean anything without the ranges, they should give you them, too. Otherwise, they are breaking the law.

Or, perhaps, if you know the lab where they were done, you could ring them and ask for the ranges.

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I agree completely the results are not results without reference ranges. (They might argue that with tests that are fully standardised - not with thyroid issues.)

Many UK labs have their reference ranges on-line - e.g. a document called something like pathology handbook. Check the date of publication is current.


Thanks all. I now have all the details.


Tsh 0.14 range 0.35-5.5

Free T3 4.5 range 3.5-6.5

Free T4 10 range 10.3-22.7


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