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Still breathless!

Hello everyone. I did post before to ask if anyone else was as breathless as me, and it turns out there are lots more!

I'm going to be seeing a sympathetic endo at some point, (getting the funds together) but I was just wondering if anyone else had had the problem and somehow 'sorted' it?

It's my one remaining problem, and sooo frustrating. I was always pretty sporty and although I continue to go to the gym...some days can barely get up the stairs! Even just walking the dog, I struggle to breath. I feel that my poor little heart must be working overtime. Am I at more risk of a stroke??

When I asked the question previously, I said that I took Erfa thyroid. Someone suggested that that could be part of the problem. Anyone else experience problems with Erfa?

If I could only solve this one remaining bit of the jigsaw!

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I ha e breathlessness too.. I've also had spasms in the left side of my face and a slight droop. It's has not been permenant but it has been scary.


I suffer breathlessness just as you describe and also take Erfa. I had hoped when I got my dose right symptoms would improve but unfortunately this has not been the case. I mentioned it to my GP several months ago and she referred me to a Cardiologist to check it out. I have this appointment on Wed this week but I am worried they may blame it on my self medicatong. I know it isnt as I had it for a few years prior to Erfa. May be worth mentioning to your GP.


Hi fixit,

This is a link I've also put above:-


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Thank you very much for the links Shaws. Very interesting. Maybe I would be wise to try another NDT before maybe thinking about T3 only.


Yes, a change might work for you. It is trial and error in many things.


Maybe, after reading this link, you maybe want to trial T3.


This is a previous post re Erfa. I did take Erfa too but preferred Nature-throid although members might prefer other ones. Nature-throid and WP thyroid are by the same company and are both hypoallergenic.


It might be worth changing over to another as you've given Erfa a good shot. You really want an NDT that is reliable and both those above have never been inconsistent in T3/T4 in 75 years.

Some of us can be sensitive to the fillers/binders but obviously not the thyroid hormones themselves.

Some links:-



I began to have air hunger when I was put on Levothyroxine and this began to go away when I went on to NDT. Now on 1 grain NDT and 25mcg of T3 and don't get it at all now, touch wood...


I was breathless plus some angina type pains ,on the wrong side,when going up a steep hill. A very small dose of beta blockers has largely dealt with the problem.


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