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Hi, This is my first tie posting, I read many posts and find them both informative and educational regarding the minefield thyroid related issues.

I was diagnosed hypothyroid earlier this year and was prescribed Levothyroxine, I felt rapidly worse and started to supplement with Iodine, then I started to feel better, then worse again. I don't like medication and will always look for alternative forms which led me to Dr P. who was a breath of fresh air, he was able to establish that a partial nephrectomy ( Kidney removal due to tumour) was probably to route cause as this operation was either responsible for damaging my Adrenal gland or the complete removal of it.. this in turn slowly had the detrimental and irreversible damage to my thyroid gland. I now take natural Adrenal and thyroid supplements and fortunately I seem fine. However, I wanted to ask the group advice on breathlessness, I love walking this would be my preferred choice of exercise but sometimes I just can't get my breath especially if I'm a slight incline I have to slow down so much its hardly worth the walk. My GP has sent me for heart related tests and everything seems fine, I just wonder if its thyroid related and if anyone else has the same problem?

Thank you in advance.


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Air hunger, as it's known, is a very common hypo symptom. So yes, it may well be related.

Thyroid hormone, in whatever form, is not really what I would call a medication. It's a replacement for what you should make yourself.

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Have you ever had your iron and ferritin levels checked? Low iron or ferritin (=stored iron) can make you breathless.

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I get breathless all the time. It's one of my symptoms that are lingering.

I'd agree to get your vitamins checked.

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Have you had your vit B12 tested? Low B12 can cause breathlessness, too. Although, it can be a hypo symptom.

Did dr P say that removal of your adrenal gland had caused irrepairable damage to your thyroid gland? That sounds a bit odd to me. Have you had your antibodies tested?

Iodine is not a replacement for thyroid hormone. If your gland is damaged, and unable to make enough thyroid hormone, then you need to replace it with other hormone - i.e. Levo - which, as HarryE said, is not a medication as such, but a replacement hormone.

As you have found out, what happens with iodine is that you feel better at first, and then feel worse. That is because iodine stimulates the gland to make more hormone - which it does at first - you feel better - but as it is sick/damaged, it cannot continue doing that, so your feel worse. Excess iodine is not good.

What do you mean by 'natural thyroid supplements'? Do you have any labs to share with us - with the ranges? That would give us a better idea of what's going on. Your T3 could be low. :)

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Thank you for your comments, I take Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C + Zinc and occasionally B12. I haven't thought of Iron.

My last Pathology results covered the following :-

Thyroid peroxidase antibod lev <33 kU/L (< 59 )

and, Yes, Dr P thought that my Hypothyroidism was a direct result from the operation my Kidney and the possibility that the Adrenal gland was removed in that operation.

My chosen supplement/medication is Nutri Thyroid and Nutri Adrenal they are not "synthetic" I probably didn't make that clear - Thank you though, I am new to all this and it is a lot to learn and understand



I got very breathless when my B12 was low. It was one of my first symptoms, as I go to a Yoga class, and realised I was struggling with the breathing exercises.

Maybe ask for the levels to be tested? MariLiz


Thank you, it never occurred to me that it would be something as simple as Iron /B12 deficiency. I feel really positive that I could regain enjoyment of walking so easily.

I'm due another blood test within three weeks, I will ask them to check

Thanks again, I am grateful for all the replies.


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