Diet Advice When On Carbimazole

Since being diagnosed with Grave Disease in June pretty much all the weight that I had carefully lost on the fast diet was come back on and I believe that this may be down to the carbimazole. I am now down from 15mg a day to 10mg.

The weight gain is making me feel even more down than I am already and all the other issues such as aching joints etc dont help. I want to try to get the weight back off and have been back on the fast diet for 2 weeks and dont appear to have lost an ounce.

Please can somedody help? Can anyone suggest any way/diet that can help me loose some weight? Is there another diet which is better? As I am a 52 year old female hormones arent helping either.

Many thanks

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  • It may be that your dose of Carbimazole is too high. How many blood tests have you had since you started?

    If you can get your results (with ranges) and start a new thread, someone with more knowledge can tell you if your levels are optimal or if you have tipped over into hypo.

  • Hi Silver_Fairy

    I am due to have my fifth set of tests in 2 weeks so then I will post again. Many thanks

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