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To all the people who told me I wasn’t hyper by looking at my bloods, I am pleased to tell you that carbimazole 5mg a day has stopped all my symptoms, the trembling hands, palpitations, pressure behind the eyes and sadly the weight loss. I am only in my third week and I feel alive again. No more anxiety. I have suffered from IBS C for years and this year was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis. Gastro put me on low FODMAP diet and it has been great. No more bloating nor constipation. I was wondering if thyroid imbalance can affect bowels. I j’habite an ultrasound on my thyroid this week and I have 7 nodules but no horrible results.

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good news for you, Iv'e been on Carbimazole for 2 weeks hope it works for me as well,

good luck


You kept telling people T4 and T3 were normal which is why you were told your blood levels weren't hyperthyroid. If you'd said earlier that FT3 was over range you would have been advised differently.

I'm glad you're feeling better on 5mg Carbimazole.

Thyroid dysfunction is renowned for causing bowel dysfunction. Hypothyroid patients usually experience bloating and constipation and hyperthyroid patients diarrhoea and frequency but it can be the other way round.

I only told you what my gp told me. That it always borderline and despite blood tests asking to contact patient , I was never contacted. It’s only when I consulted another gp at the practice that he referred me to an endocrinologist.

You need to give correct information if you want useful and correct advice and suggestions. You did not give a range for your blood tests, see your previous post.

This is what you posted - no ranges...

Ok. TSH 0.09

T4 13.1

T3 4.8

Are you now telling us your FT3 was above range??? You said in your post that you did not have the ranges to hand as you were not at home and results were normal. I quote, 'I forgot the range as I am not at home but T 3 and 4 are normal,'

Yes I am. I am sorry but this is all new to me.

My latest bloods are THS 0.18. T4 13.4 . T3 5.7 which is above the range

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Rmichelle in reply to Idalmis

Hi idalmis great newd that you are now on carbimazole and i think everyone here would be happy for you, i think you could have worded your opening sentence a little bit better has it does sound like a accusation, however veing hyper affected me like that also with bowel movements and i also had the full shabang of symptons with hyperthyroid but it took me 6 weeks to start to feel any improvement of symptons and then still had my good and bad days. Hope you remain as good as it can take several months to find the correct dose. Good luck😊

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Idalmis in reply to Rmichelle

Sorry if I sounded blunt. I am French and despite living here for 40 years, I have not managed to kick that habit.

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Rmichelle in reply to Idalmis

No problems. Friends again!!😊

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Idalmis in reply to Rmichelle


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shawsAdministrator in reply to Idalmis

It is a big learning curve when we are hypo or hyper. We ask for blood tests and we also have to put the ranges too. The reason being that labs differ in their machines so ranges can be different and it makes it easier for members to comment. Always get copies/print-outs of your results for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

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Idalmis in reply to shaws

Thanks. I will do.

in reply to Idalmis

Can you make room for a very outspoken American? LOL 🐱

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Rmichelle in reply to

I'm outspoken too and many times my foot needs to be in my mouth but we also have to remember that some people are fragile. But always room for another buddy.😊😊

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Nanaedake in reply to Idalmis

Ok, it's tricky when you're new but it highlights the importance of always posting the laboratory ranges along with blood test results. Always get a print out of your labs and keep a file from now on, also keep a note of medications and dose, that way if you get side effects you can look back and see what's been happening.

When you post results, include the lab ranges. Lab ranges vary from lab to lab so people need the results with the ranges to help you make sense of them.

Were both your blood test results done by the same lab and were the lab ranges the same? If so then your FT3 level increased showing your disease progressed. With thyroid disease you have to take responsibility for following up on blood tests and keeping a record of results. If in England you can register to view your results online.

I hope you're on the mend soon.

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Idalmis in reply to Nanaedake

Thanks. I will do.

I only had a copy from the gp and later on a letter from the endocrinologist. I didn’t know I could register. Can I do that on patient access?

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Nanaedake in reply to Idalmis

Yes, if you already have patient access then ask for enhanced access to blood test results. You won't get hospital blood test results yet though.

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Idalmis in reply to Nanaedake

Thank you

Hi I to was on 5mg of carbimazole, my GP is a rather wonderful lady! Overactive thyroid causes lots of soft bowel movements, plus the symptoms you mention.

I functioned well except the weight gain, but I did quit smoking at the same time. So far I have lost 26lbs with slimmimg world.

Yesterday, following 2.5 years on carbimazole I had a total thyroidectomy. Now I start on the next phase

I am so sorry you had an operation . My mum who is 88 had hers removed in her 50’s.

I lost a stone very quickly in October and I was very happy despite being ill. I put the weight on while taking prednisolone for Ulcerative colitis. So now that I have started carbimazole 3 weeks ago, I have put a couple of pounds on. I hope it doesn’t continue. I’ve heard wonders about slimming world from different friends. If my weight creeps up, i’ll definitely join.

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greygoose in reply to Idalmis

Unless your friends also have thyroid problems, you should not assume that the 'wonders' will apply to you. Having thyroid disease changes how your body handles weight gain/loss. Also, the Slimming World diet is not a healthy one, as it is based on low/no-fat. The body needs fat, and cutting it out can have devastating effects in the long-term, even if you lose weight in the short-term!

I agree with you. I have IBSC and the gastro sent me to a dietitian. She put me on the low FODMAP diet and I feel well. No more miserable bloating with constipation and exhaustion.

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milupa in reply to Idalmis

A quick 👏👏 to your gastro for suggesting FODMAP diet instead of meds!

The 24 hour fermented yoghurts and cream are delicious! I am happy for you that you feel better already.

Hello again. I am feeling poorly again and due for a week’s holiday on Sunday skying with my family. I am so exhausted that I dread it. The colitis is back with nausea and rectal bleeding. Got some prednisolone enemas yesterday.. I feel so weak and can’t get out of bed. Had my bloods done yesterday to see if carbimazole has improve my bloods. I won’t get the results until Monday. I am so confused.

Is The carbimazole making me ill or is it a Colitis flare? I always feel exhausted in the morning but I have more energy later in the day. I take it at night. Should I take it in the morning? My trembling hands and heart palpitations have gone but I feel pressure behind my eyes. This strive for better health is never ending.

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