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Following my previous post, my TSH was 4.3, Now Ferritin just came back as 500 ?

In my previous post I explained I do have a lot of joint pain, was found to be Vit D deficient, corrected that , pains essentially the same, ( a bit better ),

Well I have had some more blood results.

An interesting result being a Ferritin level of. 500 ( not 50 , but 500 )


any comments on that. ? Doc didn't seem too worried, he reckoned that 350 was top of the normal range, so I'm only 150 above that what the heck . ?

Vit D level was 142 nmol /L , when last measured. ( so not overdosing on that. )

I am taking 500 mg of vit C , per day , and also a multi vit with 6 mg of iron. , usually at the same time of day. ( Wellman Original ) Which I have been taking for about the last 2 years.

The joint pains etc , pre-dated this, in fact that was why I started taking supplements, in order to try and alleviate those symptoms. I continue to take 5000 IU of vit D , as I don't think that is making me toxic at 142 nmol/l .

Is that ferritin just a high normal result, or is there something else ?

Liver enzymes seem to be a bit raised still, and the diabetes test looks positive, although doc reckons I can control it by losing weight. Which I am doing for the last few weeks , anyway ...!


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Eric, ferritin can be raised due to a cold or virus at the time of testing. It usually means there is inflammation or infection in the body if it isn't caused by iron supplements. 6mg iron isn't a high dose but you might want to cut it out to see whether ferritin drops. I'm really not sure how high ferritin has to be before a GP is concerned, mine wasn't bothered that ferritin was almost double over range as FBC results were all fine.

You might want to reduce vitD to 5,000iu alternate days. Possible toxicity is >250 and can cause kidney, gallbladder etc. stones.


Thanks for your reply,

my Full blood count were all within the normal range, except, Mean Cell Haemoglobin above range at 354 ( Range given as 300 -350 ) so not that far out.

Also white blood cell count eosinophil at very top end of normal range i.e. 0.4 *10 ^9/L ( Range given as 0.04 to 0.4 ) Don't know if either has any particular significance ?


Eric, WBC can be high due to inflammation or infection, allergy etc.


I've recently been to a haematologist because nearly all my white blood cell types were a bit over range, and also the three main red kinds. He told me he wasn't interested until the haematocrit was substantially over range and stayed there for 2 months.


He was saying that he thought I'd recently had a virus, and I had had one of those vomiting bugs. It lasted about a week, but apparently caused blood changes for about 6 months.


Look up Haemochromotosis



I also experienced high ferritin level (120) and had raised liver enzymes. Nobody had a clue. My RBC was raised as well as the Hemoglobin. I have been checked, and I don't have polycythemia. The ferritin as high as yours is very damaging to your body.

I went to the lab and asked them to take some blood off. Only 100ml. This improved the liver enzymes and felt better. This year I think I am going to have the same problem. My Hb is 14.7 and RBC 5,3. I am taking B vitamins. I had the mineral test done at Biolab which showed that the level of cobalt was raised. Cobalt increases red cells. There is something to think about. I got in touch with the Pernicious Anemia Society and they never heard of cobalt. However, I made them think. I don't really know what to do about it, I guess doing more research.


I think your GP is a bit casual about that. Any other signs of haemochromatosis or liver disease? High iron is very dangerous. Your symptoms could easily be caused by iron overload.


joint pain

Can you give blood? If they will take it, and you feel better afterwards that's pretty much diagnostic.

I'd drop vit D a bit (until your levels are around 100) and make sure you are also taking vit K2 to make sure that calcium in going into bones and teeth, not soft tissue.


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