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Good endo - still gobsmacked

I've just got back from my first appointment with the endocrinologist and am still a little shocked about his extremely helpful and co-operative attitude.

He listened to everything, made lots of notes, examined me and has now ordered a raft of tests, including TSH, FT4, cortisol, U&Es, Vitamin D, prolactin and oestradiol - says it's important to check all aspects of the endocrine system and get to the root cause of the problem. What??????

The downside is that the next appointment isn't for 3 months but he says he'll write to my GP as soon as the blood results are and send me a copy "so that we know as soon as possible what may be going on". He also does not appear to be anti-NDT. There were a couple of things that he said which I'm not sure about so will be doing another couple of posts today asking for advice.

Unfortunately for me, as he completely caught me on the back foot, I didn't raise everything with him that I meant to <slaps forehead>

I've sent his details to Louise for inclusion on the list.

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How wonderful Hunny,

I really pleased for you and it's great to hear of a good endo experience.

I note from your previous posts you went straight into self medicating NDT......brave step and well done.

Apart from having all tests done by endo, what else are you hoping to achieve from him? Are you still symptomatic?



Thanks Flower - yes I am. The tiredness has reduced and I'm not falling asleep all the time. I'm currently on 60mg NDT a day and still taking the adrenal support, Vit C, B12 and D3. My brain has woken up and I can now think clearly again which is a considerable relief and the joint and muscle tension, aches and pains are gradually receding. The bursitis in my hip has completely cleared in two weeks (which I'm still amazed about).

The other "little" things I can cope with and wait for them to improve (which I know they will) so the only things really bugging me at the moment is the complete lack of stamina and the ongoing weight gain - it really irks me that I managed to lose 3.5 stone and now have regained just over a stone in 2 years. I know it's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, especially compared to the severity of symptoms that others are experiencing but - dammit - I worked really hard to lose it and get fitter!


lol...I am sure it will go along with all "little" things once optimally medicated. Mine has.


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hi there - I've recently joined this site - would you be kind enough to forward your ends details please? I'm struggling to find a goody!


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