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B12 and others vit results

I also had active b12 done which came back as 95 (range 25.1-165) is 95 ok? My cholesterol was raised at 7.1 but good cholesterol 49 so doc not too worried. I eat mainly Paleo because of hashi - anyone know how I can reduce without using grain? My omega 6 and EPA omega 3 ratio was also raised at 5.oo (range 1.5-3.00. The optimal ratio is 2) should I take more omega 3? My fertitin was 112 which I'm delighted with and my vit d was top of range at 171 so will stop taking that until nov. Thank you.

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Cholesterol has nothing to do with what you eat, it's made in the liver. It's made in the liver because your body needs it, and people with high cholesterol live longer than those with low cholesterol. You really Don't need to reduce it. But it will probably come down anyway when your thyroid hormones are optimised. :)


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