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Saliva cortisol results

Sample 1 - 29.72 (7.45-32.56)

Sample 2 - 9.74 (2.76-11.31)

Sample 3 - 8.65 H (1.38-7.45)

Sample 4 - 3.49 (0.83-3.86)

Sum of Cortisol 51.9

DHEA Mean 1.45

DHEA : Cortisol Ratio - 0.058 (0.015-0.150)

DHEA Sample 1 - 1.71 (0.25-2.22)

DHEA Sample 3 - 1.19 (0.25-2.22)

I just need some help interpreting these please.

Cortisol Sample 3 was in the afternoon, I did have some stress shortly before that as I'd misplaced an important document and couldn't find it at the time. Wonder if that's why that result alone is high.

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Hello pink lady,

Your results follow a circadian rhythm and are all in range except late pm.

This sample is testing the the glycemic control of the adrenal glands as it is several hours after eating lunch. Many get that late afternoon slump that requires a snack.

I would guess that your stress may have distorted the result that are all otherwise good with a healthy total cortisol sum...if anything..a tiny bit high.

It is important to have DHEA in proportion to cortisol and your ratio is good as these are in range also.


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Thank you Flower, do I need to anything to address it being a tiny bit high or carry on as normal?


Just the usual....lots of Vit C, optimal nutrient levels and thyroid, rest & stuff.

I am trying Liquorice at the moment. Both Dr and Dr Wilson advocate liquorice for AF. Don't take if you have high blood pressure though.

Ashwagandha is known for normalising cortisol levels but I haven't tried it.


Link to a thread posted today discussing Vit C

Liquorice supplement


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Thank you :)


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