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Adrenal Saliva Results - High Cortisol

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I have just got my results for my Adrenal Saliva Test. It shows that I have elevated cortisol levels first thing in the morning and late afternoon. I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations please? These are my results:

Sample 1 10.51 (2.68-9.30) range

Sample 2 2.76 (0.75-2.93) range

Sample 3 1.99 (0.36-1.88) range

Sample 4 0.52 (= 0.94) range

DHEA Cortisol level: 0.07 (0.05-0.32) range

Secretory IgA: 97 (56-212) range

Thank you.

12 Replies
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You'll need to put the ranges in and if you add a photo of the graphic to your original post (you'll need to click EDIT from the drop down menu that appears when you click on the downward arrow V beneath your post) then it can be seen how you compare to the normal curve.

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Rachel357 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you. I have edited my post.

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Have a read through Dr Myhill's article and scroll down for interpretation of adrenal test

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Your cortisol is only just over the range on sample one and three.

Yes Sarah Myhill is fantastic on adrenals so the blog is a good read. Having v high cortisol myself I take holy basil and ashwaganda and drink tulsi tea.

You don’t say how you feel. Cortisol usually spikes circa 3am so if it stopping you sleeping let us know.

The dhea is for me v low in range. Personally I would consider pregnenelone ( at say a small dose - you can split a 50mg capsule) if you are feeling tired this certainly may be partly the issue.

Obviously that’s assuming your thyroid and vitamin levels are optimal together with the full absorbtion of your food.

If you need anymore info please do ask.

Best wishes


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Rachel357 in reply to Howard39

Hi Helena

Thank you for your advice. I feel awful most of the time, especially at the moment as I always feel stressed at Christmas.

I have had adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue for about 10 years, caused by a very stressful job.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last January after a blood test. My TSH was 7.05. I started on 50mg of thyroxine but it made me feel ill so I was then prescribed 25mg which I am still taking.

Before I was diagnosed, I had been vegan for a year and a half and during that time I hadn't taken an iodine or zinc supplement and I'm not sure if that's what caused me being hypo or the adrenal fatigue. I started eating eggs and fish and other food high in iodine and I felt so healthy and had lots of energy. As soon as the thyroxine started kicking in, I started to feel very tired and felt like I had no energy to do things. I wish I had stopped taking the thyroxine at that point, but I didn't realise at the time that it was an option, as my doctor said that I would have to take it for the rest of my life. I had also lost a lot of weight and felt very worried about my health. My TSH for the last few blood tests have been 1.24, 0.93, 1.13 and 1.57.

I see a different doctor now and she has suggested that I can try and wean myself off the thyroxine, but i haven't felt well since the summer so I haven't tried yet. I'm not sure if it's the adrenals which are causing me to feel ill or if I am being under-dosed on the thyroxine. I am constantly hungry. i have to eat every two hours otherwise i start feeling panicky and get heart palpitations.

On the results is says that the ratio of DHEA to cortisol is normal. Do you still think it would be beneficial for me to take pregnenelone?

I have ordered a zinc supplement, Holy Basil and L'Theanine.

Thank you

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SilverAvocado in reply to Rachel357

Rachel357, 25mcg is an extremely tiny dose of Levothyroxine. Often a small dose can make us feel worse rather than better, as it's enough to mess up your own natural production, but not enough to give any improvement.

With that, and the slightly high TSH I think it's likely you're on the wrong dose. Have you posted your full thyroid results on the forum? If not it would be a good idea. TSH, freeT4 and most importantly freeT3 if you have them. If you don't you could consider getting a private mail order test. These are easy to do, and are just a tiny pinprick on the finger.

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Rachel357 in reply to SilverAvocado

Thank you. My Doctor requested T3 to be tested, but the lab didn't do it. My last free T4 result was 20.6. If I have to carry on taking thyroid meds I plan on switching to a NDT.

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SilverAvocado in reply to Rachel357

If the range for the freeT4 is 12-22 that's not a bad result. But it doesn't tell you vary much without the freeT3.

It is puzzling that you're on such a low dose and the numbers don't look too bad.

I think you need to get hold of as much information as you can, particularly blood tests over time. It may be you have Hashimotos, and the amount of hormone in your blood is fluctuating at different times.

It is probably worth getting the private freeT3 test, it should be something like £20. That's the only test that will tell you if there's enough active hormone in your body.

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Rachel357 in reply to SilverAvocado

Thanks. I will order a freeT3 test. Where do you recommend I buy this from? I checked Genova and Blue Horizon and their tests are expensive.

I also had my antibodies checked in the summer and they were fine.

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SilverAvocado in reply to Rachel357

If you've got no antibodies the situation is even more confusing. The vast majority of spontaneous adult hypothyroidism is Hashimotos autoimmune, so would have antibodies. There's a very tiny chance it could be secondary hypothyroidism, and an even tinier number of people never identify the cause.

I would check both BlueHorizon and Medichecks. Medicheck do a thyroid Thursday sale. If you've got recent TSH and freeT4 tests (or can get your doctor to do them), you only really need freeT3, it should be cheaper to get just that.

Once you've got the full set of results make a new post with them in and ask for advice.

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Rachel357 in reply to SilverAvocado

I am due a blood test in two weeks so I will also test my freeT3 around the same time. Thank you so much for your help.

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I used Holy Basil for high cortisol which worked for me however mine was considerably higher than yours..not sure you would need it? X

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