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Crazy high saliva cortisol results

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I just got my saliva cortisol test results, and I'm surprised to say the least....I was expecting to see low cortisol, as last time I was tested I was super low (admittedly that was 3 years ago!)

But I am well above the range at all 4 times! I'm off the top of the chart for the 2 morning readings.

Could this be a faulty result? All I was taking at the time was B12, and my thyroid meds. I stopped zinc 3 days before, I'd only just started taking it 4 or 5 days before then. I didn't have any coffee the day of testing or the day before..I froze the samples, and shipped them overnight (and it was a cold day in London that day!) They were delivered 7.30am the next day.

My results are

7-9am 12.66 (2.68-9.30)

11am-1pm 10.15 (0.75-2.93)

3-5pm 3.7 (0.36-1.88)

10pm-12am 2.90 (<=0.94)

14 Replies

Your cortisol results are high, both the contraceptive pill & HRT will give a false high & it is suggested that you stop these for 6 weeks prior to testing. High cortisol can be due long term steroid use, a benign pituitary & adrenal tumour, or severe depression or alcoholism. Cushing's is the result of high cortisol, I hope you don't have it as it's not a nice condition to have. I've had it due to a pituitary tumour so know a lot about it. You need to see your GP & ask him to do an early morning blood cortisol done between 8-9am, he can also do a 24 hr urine test. Have a look at the Pituitary Foundation website as there is a lot of information on there site. If you are on Facebook I run a UK site called Cushing's UK where you will get help & support.

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Oh yikes I hope it's not that. I'm not on any birth control or HRT, no steroid use. While I've had depression on and off, I'd not call it severe. And I do enjoy a wine occasionally, but not an alcoholic.

I'm seeing a functional Dr in a week to go over all my current test results, so no doubt we will do more testing around this.

Thank you for your input!

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While I respect that a functional doctor may be able to help you with some aspects of health I would also suggest that you see your GP if you are in the UK to do some further testing with them. Cushing's is a serious condition & while I really hope that you do not have it, it needs to be ruled out.

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Thanks, I'm not, I'm in France... I was back in London for a week when I did the cortisol test. I can pretty much walk into a lab off the street and pay cash for tests here, so will do that when we know exactly what else I need to look at

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shawsAdministrator in reply to mjinder

If you have 'depression' on and off. I'd get a Free T4 and Free T3 blood test. Your FT3 may be on the low side.

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mjinder in reply to shaws

I had all that checked also, as I have Hashimotos. They are both still a bit low, but improving with NDT

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This is interesting! I had no idea HRT would screw results up...I recently got my 24 h saliva test back and it showed slightly elevated cortisol levels at 7.30, noon, 5 pm, and midnight. Now, I wonder if HRT (estrogel and micronized progesterone) could explain this...?

And where exactly do you draw the line between highish cortisol caused by stress and Cushing's syndrom...or do out-of-range cortisol levels always equal Cushing's...?

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There are further tests that are done to show that it is Cushing's or not, it can take some time to diagnose.

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Who did you do the test with?

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mjinder in reply to SeasideSusie

It was Genova, from everything I read they seemed the best option in the UK

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to mjinder

Yes, Regenerus and Genova are both good, I just didn't recognise the ranges (I use Regenerus) :)

Dr Myhill's website has a page on interpreting adrenal test results :

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Is there any chance that you have bleeding gums?

If your saliva samples got tainted with even a tiny, tiny particle of blood it will increase the cortisol results massively. Blood has huge amounts more cortisol in it than saliva.

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Hmm I actually had noticed a tiny amount of blood when brushing a week or so back. I don't know if it was the same week though....I wouldn't have cleaned my teeth before doing the first sample though

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humanbean in reply to mjinder

This may not work for everyone, but I have found that taking vitamin C supplements for a few days will reduce the risk of bleeding from my gums.

I just take 1000mcg (1 gram) per day. I think I'm rather unusual in finding vitamin C hard to tolerate so I can't keep it up for very long, but even just taking it for three days will have an impact.

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