Help with full blood count results please

Help with full blood count results please

Hi everyone, asking for help from those who know how to read/intepret blood results. I do have autoimmune thyroiditis (diagnosed last May) but this test I had done recently is full blood count as recently I have been experiencing palpitations & today I was fitted with a 24 hour heart monitor.

The blood results show some readings slightly out of the normal range but the doctor has deemed them normal with no action needed.

Is there anything here I should be concerned about?

Many thanks!

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  • A low white cell count can be caused by flu or a similar viral infection at the time when you had the test. Were you unwell at all when this test was taken? How are you feeling?

    You could ask the GP for a retest in a few months time just to exclude that possiblility.

    Others will no doubt have comments.

  • Hi, I thought the results show a slightly high white blood count, just outside normal range?

  • Sorry! Either my eyes or brain fused. Both, probably. White cell count is raised in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, but way over, not a tiny bit like this.

  • Oh well that's reassuring! I was on antibiotics around a month ago for a dental infection. Blood test was around 2 weeks ago so would the antibiotics possibly affect a blood test 2 weeks after stopping them? Thanks for your help :)

  • I am not a haemotologist nor do I even have decent O level in Biology. But I see on the internet that infections can raise the white blood cell count... the infection rather than the antibiotic might have caused your white cells to multiply to fight off the invading bacteria.

    I think that's probably exactly what has happened here and your GP is quite right, and didn't have the time to explain it to you, because the poor loves don't have the time to go to the toilet even.

    Some of them are bad and arrogant, but some are just rushed.

    (Aspmama folds pretend white coat and puts it away.)


  • Damn..and there was me thinking that you were a man in a white coat (wishful thinking or not, depending on what frame of mind you are in!) Thank you for your comments..much appreciated! I will certainly know where to come for more of your infinite wisdom if you wish to don (pretend) white coat :)

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