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Natural desiccated thyroid help!

Hello like everyone i have the problem of getting ndt! Changed doctors so many times only to find out that doctors get in trouble by the powers above if the prescribe ndt or even t3! Big pharma conspiracy to keep and make up more sick! Argh. Anyway does anyone know of a doc or endo that will prescribe it? Preferably in the south of England but willing to travel! Or if not a reliable source to buy it online? I can't find it on the site I buy my t3 from :-S many thanks in advance :-)

Doctor recommendations and sources for NDT without prescription via private messages please, in accordance with posting guidelines #23 and #25, thank you.

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Katrina, email for a list of member recommended endos and private GPs. You should check before booking whether they will prescribe NDT. Recommendation via endos does not oblige CCGs or individual GPs to prescribe NDT as it isn't licensed for UK use.


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