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ocular Myasthenia

Very interested to hear from anyone who is suffering of Ocular Myasthenia and the medication Pyridostigmine.

I have had the condition for over a year and have just started Steroids.

I am 69 years old married lady with two grown children and three grandchildren.

My symptoms are ptosis and double vision.

At first it was called a 3rd nerve palsy or 6th nerve palsy lots of tests all inconclusive for Myasthenia.

Any imput would be very gratefully accepted. Just want to be able to see me grandchildren.

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There is a post on recommending the Myaware FB page.


You can get an operation to fix the ptosis, it raises your eyelids. I had a friend who had that done years ago and it was very successful.

Your optician might be able to give you prisms to sort out your double vision but it depends on whether you have it all the time or just intermittently. I think prisms are possibly difficult. But getting the ptosis sorted out might help on its own.

Find yourself a good optician and speak to them, they ought to know how to go about things. Sorry I can't say more than that.


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