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Myasthenia Gravis Diagnosis

Before i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid i was seeing a neurologist who was convinced i had Myasthnia Gravis and wanted to start me on medication. I read up about it and my symptoms didnt fit because my muscles were weak even when resting. Fast forward to present day I now have symptoms of extreme weakness in my lega and arms and problems with breathing when asleep. I was wondering if anyone has been given a diagnosis of MG and thyroid and how did the symptoms overlap.


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I have had an under active thyroid for about 11 years and have now also berm diagnosed with mysthenia gravis I saw a neurologist lAst week and he said that there is definitely a link between the thyroid and mysthenia also the symptoms can be the sAme so it's confusing as to what can be causing symptoms


Thanks for that... with an underactive thyroid fatigue and weakness are an obvious symptom for many but the type of weakness i am getting is that my legs become very heavy and i can feel the strength leaving them. My problem with my breathing seems to happen when i am falling asleep, i get choking fits and palpitations with wake me up with a jolt.

What were your symptoms with MG? that were different ti thyroid?


My symptoms at first was double vision droopy eyelid I also have weakness in my arms and legs like you it feels like the strengths leaving them, I sometimes have trouble swallowing but no choking fits but the neurologist did ask me if I had them try sleeping more propped up as when u lie flat the lungs can become a bit restricted which will effect your breathing, I am still very new to mysthenia as pu just recently diagnosed was only given the blood test to rule out mysthenia but it came back positive I do also get palpitations but put these down to the thyroid and my anxiety,


when i went to the neurologist over three years ago it was due to swallowing problems but then when i was diagnosed with hypo and started on meds the swallowing got better. My arms can be so weak when raising my arms. Its all so confusing because the symptoms do overlap. Would you say that your weakness was very profound?


The weakness in my arms varies sometimes I can barely lift them but other times they are fine, I do swim 3 times a week to help strengthen my muscles,


I have been diagnosed with both Hashimoto's thyroiditis and myasthenia gravis. Both my neurologist and my endocrinologist have said there is definitely a correlation between the two, in fact they have even tested me for other autoimmune disorders because according to them, if you have 1 autoimmune disorder you more than likely have more than 1 or will develope another. I am also boredeline celiac, I avoid gluten all together.. Currently my symptoms for MG are ptosis of my left eyelid and joint and muscle fatigue..my symptoms for the hypo HM are leg and ankle swelling, 7 benign nodules on my thyroid, hairloss, hives on my neck and inner wrists, weight gain with the inability to lose even with diet and exercise, insomnia, lymph swelling, and heavy stiff legs even with rest plus achilles soreness... I don't have any breathing issues but I do choke randomly or food/water "goes down the wrong tube" and I am very clumsy, I fall easily 3 times a week even when walking in flats.

I am only 28, my doctor feels like I will eventually go into remission from the MG but I will not take Prednisones Due to the fact that I am already gaining weight from the thyroid issues. Currently I was just switched from 100mg of levothroxine to 125mg of synthroid and I take 60mg 4 times a day of mestinon, I take vitamin d and b-complex daily along with a multi.. I hope this helps you and if you have any questions feel free to ask.. I study and read about this stuff all the time.. I wish there was a quick cure to it all..


I have an under active thyroid was diagnosed 12 years ago. I been feeling ore sluggish, waking in the morning as if I’ve not slept. Aching- just no energy. By the evening feels like I’ve done a 25 mile run... I saw my doctor last Thursday- she noticed my eyelids were drooping and straight away said she thinks I have myasthenia gravis, had my blood test Friday. Don’t know how long I have to wait for the results? I had never heard of it? Thought my thyroid was out of sinc. Was expecting to have my Levo meds changed. I hope you’re ok and coping well.



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