Hypothyroid and ocular hypertension

Hi All,

I wondered if anyone knows of a connection between hypothyroidism and ocular hypertension? Had my eyes tested in december and then twice since as the pressure is varying from a bit high to high. I am now waiting for referral to eye hospital due to ocular hypertension. Internet gives mixed information as studies have varied ? the plot thickens!

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  • Hippy66,

    It looks like it. google.co.uk/search?q=conne...

  • thanks Clutter

  • This is a link which might also be helpful. I think you need someone who specialises in eye problems and thyroid.


  • Thanks Shaw, I'll mention it to GP tomorrow

  • Interesting. Quite a few years ago a routine eye test showed that I had ocular hypertension. There's no glaucoma in my family so I hadn't been considered at risk of glaucoma. The optician was at a loss to explain it. His comment was "Well, I guess it has to start somewhere"! At that time, I had no idea that all my other symptoms I've had since the 1990s might well have been due to undiagnosed, untreated hypo. Interesting that there's a link.

  • It's a massive learning process!

  • hippy66,

    It most certainly is!

    The subject of glaucoma (specifically) has been discussed several times and you might find some of those older threads interesting:


    (The search facility is pretty crude. So I can't give a really good link.)

  • Blimey! Is nothing sacred with this blooming condition?šŸ¤”Thanks for the link helvella, let's hope the ophthalmics know a little more than the GP's!

  • I had mine checked because of oddities in vision (like monocular diplopia) and discomfort. Got the all clear but not before having put some effort into finding out about things.

    They ophthos were quite OK but didn't seem that concerned.

    For anyione following, there is normo-tensive glaucoma... Doesn't always have to be hypertensive.

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