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What to do next ?

Hi I have not posted for a long time my story so far I have underactive tyroid with positive antibodies I'm on 125mg of thyroxine.i was diagnosed 10 years ago but 7 years ago I became extremely ill .couldent eat lost weight nausea fatigue always cold neck hurting hot sweats etc gp said a virus depression the story goes on was off work for 6 months my post for this time are on this site . Since then for the last 7 years my health terrible seen endo after endo saying not my thyroid .The symptoms haven't changed now I have high cholesterol taking statins I'm in the menopause feel so ill everyday dizziness joint pain neausa pain in my right hand side neck throbbing feeling like its swollen the problems carry on .these are some of my results I get different brands of Meds nearly every month and my results keep changing .

Feb 3 rd. tsh 0.49

Freet4 1.77

Free t3 6.13

Cortisol 226 range 101-536

Fit b12 440 range187-883

Folate 9. Range. 3.1 20.5

Ferritin41. Range 10-204

Hba1c. 33. Range 20-41

Cholesterol 7.8

These are just the recent ones I have more thyroid function ones from the last couple of years to show the the ups and downs I feel so bad every day endo has now discharged me and wants me to be referred to a chronic fatigue clinic for assessment I know it's not that what else can I do should I go private hoping for answers that way I feel like I carnt go on with this illness without help the constant pain feeling so unwell is keeping my so low and have a full time job I'm 56 and feel 90 if I ever get to that age can any one advise pleeeeese I'm lost . Ps rubbish gp practice

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Sorry to hear you are unwell. Would be good if you could edit your post (click on the little arrow under the text) and add all your thyroid results (or at least the most recent) and the lab ranges (the numbers in brackets).


These are recent blood test thyroid functions were done I will get my lab results and post them on here tomorrow as at work my blood test are always done first thing in morning but I will post everything I have tomorrow thanks for your repl


Did you have the blood test at the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards?


Hi I always have my test done like this I will post everything I have as results as I'm at work .i will try to give you as much as I have hope I can get some advise thaxs

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Could Very well be fibromyalgia? I am a fibromite and it could very well be a long these lines. I'm 38 and feel 88... X x


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Even ME..

I think it's good your going to the pain clinic. That's where I am now. Having to have an mri in Tuesday due to more problems in my back.

Good luck and please... Stay strong x X X x


Have you had Vitamin-D levels checked? Very important to be at good level. Very often very low when hypo.

Folate, b12 & ferritin are only mid range. You might find it helps to improve these too

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well statins cause joint pain for starters

there no ref ranges for your free t4 and free t3

and they dont seem right at all have you copied the figures correctly


Hi there all my symptoms were similar to your I am menopausal have high Tpo antibodies and similar blood results my main complaint was pain in throat / neck. I have followed gluten free diet and started Vit D K2-7 magnesium & selenium within the last couple of months and feellike a new person. I feel better when my Tsh is below 1 & T4 in the upper range so maybe u are undermedicated too if your on thyroxine ? Hopefully you will gain some useful advice from the forum I did much more so than any from my Gp or endo hope you feel better soon maybe changing your diet & supplementing may help you too. :) ps your high cholesterol may also be too do with your hypothyroidism & before my undermedicated :)


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