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symptoms v blood work? (and thai thyroid)

I'm soo exhausted with chronic disabling fatigue. had challenging 6 months..

anyway I have taken the plunge to ignore the blood tests that say I am normal on t4 100mcg. listening to your posts in September about how M.E is a blanket diagnosis. i am disabled with this condition 17yrs last November...

so now I am on 3gr of thai thyroid! palms no longer red. i am also working with intuitive s and lol a spirit thyroid doctor-be open minded please! anyway he said my t3 needs to go up and up!

of course I am scared that I am trusting spirit opposed to earth doctors!

anyway with the temp test does it have to be only 10 mins? under arm? it seems to heat up to normal after 30mins but not sure if its the 10 mins. I am not doing it properly I am too exhausted. still hypo symtoms.

anyway also heard that EBV attacks the thyroid. I think I have been ill for so long-since childhood...

also can any of you help me about the absorption in gut...I have never tried the hcl betaine

very tired must go now please only positive helpful responses because I am too ill and alone

thank you

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p.s I am a retired spiritual medium/clairvoyant myself so I am not being taken advantage of.

i just need to trust earth and spirit to help me on my recovery

so I welcome earthy help for anyone on here please-thank you


Regarding your gut and acid production and using betaine hcl read these links :

A thermometer for reading body temperature shouldn't take 30 minutes to reach the right temperature. In the armpit it should take no more than 10 minutes. In the mouth it will take 2 or 3 minutes. If yours is taking 30 minutes then it suggests it isn't working properly or your body temperature is lower than you were expecting it to be.


thank you.

yes to achieve the right body temp under arm after 10 mins is still low as always has been for 17yrs. I just needed that clarification thank you..


Low body temperature is a common symptom of hypothyroidism - probably one of the commonest in fact.


thank you-

i did the charts 16 yrs ago with ex.

now I just try now and again.

i think I have figured it out though it may be my small cells keeping my hypo


Butterflyfairy, FT3 should not go up and up over range as prolonged high FT3 increases the risks of atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis. Have thyroid blood tests after increasing dose to ensure FT3 remains within range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I understand...and that is why I am seeking advise here...

however if I am not absorbing the med's as my body temp is low and I am not having hyper symptoms...

I am now on 3gr of tai thryoid and I am still hypo..however my hair growth has improved and no longer red palms..

the message from the intuitive was to go to 4gr and then I would feel better..

i'm just confused as the blood work doesn't resonate with my symptoms.

I wouldn't keep increasing and I have done it very gradually since September.

is there another way to test low t3 apart from blood work?

so many say the blood work is not the answer..

i do want to see a private thyroid practitioner but I dont want to just look at bloods as 100mg T4 was not helping..


Genova do a 24 hour urine thyroid test. It probably won't be recognised by the NHS but a private practioner might accept it.

I had one done and although the results don't compare exactly with my blood test (blood I was over range for FT4, urine FT4 only half way in range, blood FT3 half way, urine FT3 low) it did show poor conversion as did the blood test.


thank you. I did this about 10 years ago through thyroid uk and it was sent to Holland. it came back low t3 which argued with blood work.


Butterflyfairy, The people who say that blood tests aren't the answer tend to be those who increase dose until symptoms resolve, only they often find that being overmedicated can cause symptoms as unpleasant as being undermedicated. Bloods are a guide and symptoms may lag behind good biochemistry for a long time.

3 grains NDT is 2.5 to 3 x the 100mcg Levothyroxine dose you were previously taking. It would be a good idea to check FT3 on 3 grains before you increase to 4. I overmedicated a couple of years ago and FT3 was high but I didn't feel hyper. Unfortunately my hair starting coming out in clumps and didn't stop shedding until seven weeks after dose was reduced and FT3 was back in range.

Temperature doesn't always recover when it has been low for years. I gave up checking my temperature but it took more than 2 years after being optimally medicated for me to stop being cold to the core and it's only in the last year that I'm beginning to sweat a little when I become hot and it's still not often I become hot.

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see this is where I worry. bless you-sounds you been through an ordeal.

we of course want to trust blood work.

however the book stop the thyroid madness-only few pages in..argues about blood work v symptoms.

also dr peatfield told me do barnes test when saw him 16 yrs ago.

I have the label M.E as I am so disabled with the fatigue and 24/7 flu symptoms. neuro symptoms. and housebound. bedbound mornings.

I do wonder if the EBV and the toxins are causing my fatigue. of course I know I have adrenal fatigue

after 17 yrs of this I just want to be well.

how do you test for gut absorption? I've ordered the HCL supplement maybe that might help.

I think I need to get a private practitioner. my gp wont help now on thai thryoird.

I will stay at 3gr and wont increase until i find a private practitioner.

i think I am going to try the

thank you all for your help


I meant to say I am going to try thyroid uk site again...

just seen this statement on thyroid uk. perhaps that is my issue???

"The Broda Barnes Foundation tell us "Dr Barnes found that the primary reason for the inaccuracy of the blood tests for thyroid function is that the thyroid hormones are not utilized in the blood, but are utilized intracellularly. Therefore a patient can have enough thyroid hormones circulating in the blood to give a "normal" reading, but if the hormones are not getting into the cells, the patient will be hypothyroid.

Also, there is a problem of low blood volume in hypothyroid patients. This means that any blood test value will appear higher than it actually is because the patient has a lower than normal blood volume. In many patients with "normal" or "high" thyroid blood levels, but many clinical symptoms, the patient's blood levels actually drop lower once the patient is given thyroid hormones simply because their blood volume increases".

perhaps that is my issue??? they arent getting into the cells?

ALSO I have lower blood volume and have thalessemia trait which means my cells are smaller!

I've been referred as a "complex case!" see why I ask the higher realms for help! :)

when I went for psychic surgery (really helps) he said my throiyd was still not being treated. I go back to him in May so lets see.


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