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Help finding it all so confusing

Hello all I have an appointment with my gp next week regarding my b12 levels recent blood test results were

Serum b12 173ng

Folate 12.6ug

Ferritin 5ug.

Now I've emailed a lovely lady at b12 deficiency info site and she has said yep I have had the tests which show I am deficient I need jabs too correct it. I posted on here and clutter replied but im so confused with this all my brain hurts.

If I do need jabs why didn't doc suggest them and also what other blood test do I definitely need too ask for? The lady at b12 website told me I should get my daughter tested too will a doctor even agree too that ? Sorry if this is jumbled but my head is spinning

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Low B12 is associated with Pernicous anaemia and because like Hashimotos thyroidits its an inherited condition your children should be tested too

You have very low ferritin which tends to happen with hashimotos

Hence your doctor should be running tests for

Intrinsic factor

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3


Because many doctors are just not clued up on this sort of thing. Someone said the other day that their doctor had said the solution to B12 deficiency was to eat more broccoli. There isn't a scrap of B12 in broccoli.

I think your next move is back to the GP armed with your pernicious anaemia info. It's quite something that we have to educate our health professionals but increasingly, that's the way it seems to be.


Thank you for replies I've recently had my tsh t4 and t3 tested long story but Endo thought I wasn't hypo and reduced my meds and my tsh went too 5.96 on 50mcg but according too doctor my t4 and t3 are normal I don't have printouts of the numbers for them though. Ok so I need too ask for pernicious anaemia testing and what ever that involves


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