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Latest levo increase - feeling great :)

So now 2.5 weeks into my latest levo increase and it's definitely kicked in this past week - still have a bit of brain fade and have to really concentrate and stuff but the underlying exhaustion has pretty much gone - even had an out of hours emergency doctors appointment at midnight the other night for my son and Im not zombied by it (although I did have a wee nap yesterday to compensate as I was going out on my motorbike at night as well).

So went from T4 of 13 up to 15 (9-21) and TSH of 4.4 down to 3 (0.2-4.5) with an increase in levo from 50mcg to 75mcg so am seriously hoping that my levels have dropped by about the same amounts again.

I know this is the "levo rush" and it will probably settle down (seriously hope it doesn't and I remain feeling like this) and Im also hoping that my levels haven't gone the other way and doc recduces my meds again!

Honestly can't remember the last time I felt like this - really shows up how bad I was feeling which is scary to think about!

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Hi Mandy,

Fabulous that you have started to feel better! Your results show still room for improvement and increased dose so fingers crossed!


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