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Expert Advice needed

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease about 18 years ago; I also have Iron Deficiency Anaemia. I have worked part time for 9 years as I have struggled with keeping my health balanced. Last year I had a breakdown having been bullied and harassed by my employers. I am now having to have a psychiatric assessment to 'prove' I had a breakdown in regards to a legal case against my former employers - the stress of that has put me on antidepressants again. My Doctor tells me that my thryoid levels are now borderline for my medication, having been stable for nearly 4 years; I am awaiting blood test results to see what that means. I have passed on statements from the internet to my Solicitor; however would like to know if anyone knows of any research that demonstrates the detrimental effects stress has on Hashimoto sufferers.

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Welcome to the forum, HocusPocus.

I'm sorry you are having to take legal action against your employers.

Stress generally makes it harder to cope with health conditions and may exacerbate symptoms but I'm not aware of research demonstrating stress will detrimentally affect Hashimoto's and thyroid levels.

Hashimoto's causes progressive decline in thyroid function over time and medication dose will need to be increased to compensate for the lack of function. Borderline levels now means you are undermedicated and need a dose increase. Most people are comfortable with TSH around 1.0 and FT4 in the upper range. Read Treatment Options in Email if a full copy of the Pulse article would be useful to show your GP when you request a dose incease.

I would ask for printouts of your previous thyroid results to check whether you have been optimally medicated for the past 4 years. Undermedication can considerably increase stress and depression which would have made it very hard to withstand a bullying employer.

Post your results and lab ranges (figures in brackets after results) in a new question and members will comment and advise.


Thanks Clutter ... I'll do that.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease in the late 1990's and was exceptionally lucky to have a very proactive GP for 17 years. Thanks to her I was one of the first to receive both T4 and T3.

I've done quite a lot of research myself on the treatment of Hashimoto's Disease. My brother is also on thyroid treatment after receiving treatment for an overactive thyroid; but he doesn't get the symptoms I do so I've always known it is different and not just a case of replacement thyroxin.

I've seen quite a few references to stress and its detrimental effect on Hashimoto's. Below is an excerpt from an American website. I just wondered if anyone knew of any current medical research. I'll keep posting any links I find as well :)

"Emotional stress activates pathways involving the inflammatory immune messengers IL-6 and TH-17. This activity creates an autoimmune flare-up. Unhealthy relationships with your spouse, co-workers, or friends can promote autoimmune flare-ups, as can a bad work environment, or other significant and chronic lifestyle stressors. If you have Hashimoto’s you need to create a healthy emotional environment for yourself. Bad personal relationships or poor work environments can be detrimental to Hashimoto’s patients."


HocusPocus, I don't doubt it but proving your flare ups were purely caused by your work environment stressors is likely to be impossible.


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